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Below, find out a bit more about the blog, what it's about. it's history & what we wish to achieve. To read more about my own story, click below! 

That Vain Gal – formerly The Vanity Diaries – is a passion project created and owned by Lauren Alexandria.

That Vain Gal is not just 'another' blog. At That Vain Gal, I wish to use my marketing qualifications to appeal to all kinds of social media & web users. People have different kinds of visual stimulation and blogging is not a one sized fits all bracket for subscribers. Some subscribers will enjoy reading more than others and seeing the information laid out in front of them will be their most preferred method. Other subscribers, whilst they may like reading, may absorb information or feel more connected through visual stimulation such as watching a video. It comes down to the connection. Some can feel that through reading, they form a connection between themselves and the writer whilst others, prefer watching to form that bond and feel connected to the persons style in this way.
I didn't want to be 'just another blogger' I wanted to appeal to everyone equally and I strongly believe that is what will - and does - make That Vain Gal different, something special. As well as offering a really great platform for brands to connect with a multi-use platform system for what I can offer you! As both visual and written reviews are such great assets to have available for your brand and this enables you to reach your target market/audience, as well as all demographics, effectively. 

Taking a particular interest in petite yet hourglass fashion, showing how petite doesn't always mean less curves, showcasing the two to get the perfect 'fit whilst showing viewers and readers alike how to pull it off and make your petite curves work for you! As well as bringing make-up based on how it looks on acne & allergy prone, combination skin. 

Why have just a YouTube video or just a written review when at That Vain Gal you could have both to a high standard? I really believe in the formula of my blog and feel this is the future. I hope you love my work here at That Vain Gal and wish to be a part of that future too, whoever you are! 

Please don't hesitate in contacting me for any information or any enquiries through the contact form here

Lipstick, Lashes & Living is an extension of this sassy blog. I have always been passionate about mental health and writing through my own experiences as well as writing to help even just 1 other person. I could never find the "place" to write about more serious topics on That Vain Gal as this is a blog filled with sass and well- vanity! But I continued to write deeper blogs behind the scenes, wishing I could share them on a larger scale and that was when I came up with the concept of having a spin-off blog you could call it, adding the link to it in my linktree and giving people the option/choice to click it instead of forcing people to read it.

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