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All about That Vain Gal

& How your fave gossip blog began...

That Vain Gal – formerly The Vanity Diaries – is a passion project created and owned by Lauren Alexandria.

All that third person weirdness aside, I’m Lauren aka ‘That Vain Gal’Let's go through a bit of my creative history (but keep it PG and save all the dodgy stories for over a gin in spoons sometime hun) Writing/blogging has been such a passion of mines for around 10 years and, during lockdown as we all got deeper into our hobbies, I decided to make my own hobby more permanent. Yes, ya gal here bought a site plan, a domain and made it full-time b*tches!

 Cute AF info: When I was a wee gal I was always writing stories in my A4 WH Smith refill pad (classic) and reading them aloud to all my fam in dramatic fashion- always loved the dramz, me! Now aged 26, my writing style hasn’t changed that much. I’m all about that sassy story-telling vibe and I pride myself in making my blogs full of personality and gripping; hence why I describe the blog as feeling like you’re gossiping with one of your besties! Never one to tone things down, this blog is sprinkled with my actual personality- lucky? you? You be the judge of that!

Anyway, back to the goss- why did I re-brand? Well, It all started ofc as "The Vanity Diaries" however, I soon felt like I had outgrown that name which, fun fact; was a blog idea first created in 2018 but side-lined for my studies and then resurrected... only to then be put down for good (may she rest in peace, bless her... maybe not such a fun fact, soz) and then one night at 2am (because all great things happen then, right?) “That Vain Gal” came to me which tbf, mainly because it had all the socials AND a domain available under that name- it was a no brainer to change it all, really! Not to mention we just kinda clicked and the rest is now history, cute x

the latest goss: where we are now...

‘That Vain Gal’ is now re-branded as a (loose) lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blog. Anything I write is completely honest – always my own views - and within my blogs you will find fashion tips, trends, beauty reviews, brand reviews and blogs to accompany my other side of my work- YouTube. I use YouTube mostly for tutorials, a bit of brand dissecting, fashion and girly 'vain gal' stuff because sometimes it's better to just watch/listen than read, right? Every YouTube video will always have a blog to go with because I am a blogger first and foremost!


Lipstick, Lashes & Living is an extension of this sassy blog. I have always been passionate about mental health and writing through my own experiences as well as writing to help even just 1 other person.  I could never find the "place" to write about more serious topics on That Vain Gal as this is a blog filled with sass and well- vanity! But I continued to write deeper blogs behind the scenes, wishing I could share them so that is when I came up with the concept of having a spin-off blog you could call it, adding the link to it in my linktree and giving people the option/choice to click it. You can find the direct link to this side of my blog here: 

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