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If you have found yourself on this page well, I guess that means you want to know a bit more about me! My names Lauren Alexandria and I am the "brains"  behind That Vain Gal. I am 26 years old and have the enthusiasm and energy of a child, tbh. I'm from Scotland, just outside of Glasgow yano, if you couldn't tell from the blatantly obvious Scottish accent I have in my videos ahhh

Weekdays you can find me working my booty off in my local gym. The gym and working out is something I am sooo passionate about and am such an advocate for. I lost 6 stone a few years back and during this I fell in love with exercise, the routine and the structure. After my initial weight loss, I then began weight training and even during the lockdowns it did not stop me from keeping up that routine. Exercise for me is about the structure, the mental health boost. As a long-term anxiety sufferer myself, it really does help with my focus and drive within my life and I am so thankful for exercise, it changed - and continues to change - my life! 

I am a passionate and excitable person I could honestly sell a tin of paint to a brick wall! I have a HNC & HND in Music Business which. might seem a bit different from my blogging path however, within those I have Marketing qualifications, e-commerce, law, management etc meaning I do know quite a bit about marketing, press, contracts and so forth. I have always been really engaged with studying Marketing.

Networking and connecting with new people and socialising is something I never take for granted, more so with the current world situations. I love making - and maintaining - new connections and getting to know new people and their story. I love a wee chat with anyone, even if it is just the girl on the other end of the till in Primark! I'm just quite bubbly? I Guess is the word for it. 

I absolutely LOVE writing (no sh*t, huh?) and have since I was a wee girl. I was always writing stories and being creative when I was younger and sitting down my fam to listen as I read out my latest story. I always had a big A4, wh-smith lined refill pad with me wherever I went and was constantly creating, it is just something I have always found so natural. Even when I feel out of touch with writing or de-motivated, as soon as I start putting pen to paper I just can't stop! I absolutely live for it. I am also admittedly a perfectionist so I always give me absolute 110% into any piece I write, even if it's just writing down my feelings in my diary! I never settle for less. Probably the most creatively written feelings diary EVER 😂

I have recently started my own crafts venture called 'Lusciously Lux" as spinning off from the creative writing, I am just overall quite the little multi-creative! Love making things but more so, just thinking about who the design or gift will be going to and thinking of the smile they'll have when they receive it so even within my crafts business, I have put so much effort into making sure the customer experience is solid and a happy one from beginning to the end. I'm just always creating one way or another in my everyday life, tbh. Even the pot noodles have a place within the kitchen cupboard! 

It was nice to have you visit this page, thanks for reading a bit more about me! xx