10 Things About 2020 | Life Experiences, Love, Health, Lessons & Gratitude

Well gals, 2020 went a bit t*ts up didn't it? I still do not even feel I have fully processed WTF actually went down? 😂 And now, here we are in 2021. The year we made big hopes and dreams for. We began planning - or if you're me, buying - the bikinis we will wear on allll them holidays we will be going on all Summer long. Planning valentines, birthdays, mate dates, anniversary's and the girly shopping trips we feel we are long overdue but then, lockdown . whatever TF . something happened and now our 2021 is up in the air as well! I really hope my blog next year isn't going to be "hi, ditto of last year, bye" because I am not for this life boo.

Like many of you babes I'm sure, I, selfishly, feel so robbed and cheated out of so many memories I should have been making. After years struggling with social anxiety, I finally felt I had turned a corner... well clearly I took a wrong turn down a crack alley 'cause this was not the light at the end of the tunnel I had in mind! However, I am alive and I am grateful for that giving the current wild circumstances. 2020 may have been a hangover from hell, but at least 'the fear' after a big night out will seem like a piece of p*ss after being through all of this!

SO, what did 2020 teach me? Besides that face masks are the root of all evil, I did learn quite a lot (remarkably) and I went through quite a bit, too. My top 10 'things' about 2020 are going to be a mix of self-reflecting and general milestones- shall we do this then?

Here We Go!