10 Vain Things Lockdown Made Me Realise

Dear Diary,

Lockdown has us all reflecting on our lives, our self-image, our present and our future and not all of these reflections are positive (or even remotely appealing) but here we are, stuck in our minds (and within the 4 walls) reflecting as if we've just smoked a spliff round a fire pit with our pals tbh. Lockdown has made me realise a lot about my own vanity and self-image and here I am, baring my soul to the world about how much of a vain b*tch I really am! I'm sure people can relate to this so huns, here are the 10 Vain things lockdown has made me realise about myself and my life both good and bad- Enjoy! x

1) No amount of root spray can make you accept you are going grey at 25.

Like seriously, no words for it.

I was always aware when going for my in-between root touch up appointments that I had a little bit of grey on my middle pattern but after going so long without my roots being done, I am in fact a whole lot of grey up there. My boyfriend would be like “you aren’t even grey I can’t see it” like duh, I spray my root spray on before you even get a chance to see the granny lurking inside me, boo! Honestly awful, Feel like a cougar with my greys (there’s only a 2yr age gap calm down) I have overall embraced a more natural look on lockdown but I will be damned if anyone tries to make me embrace going grey at 25! And if you come @ me about it remember, you could be bringing unwanted stress that may possibly contribute to my grey hair and that is not cool babe xo