That Vain Gal | My Top 5 Pairs Of Lashes!

Who doesn't love a false lash? Whether it be for a full glam look or a day-time subtle lash, they instantly take your make-up look from a baby 5 to a solid 10 and if you have shit natural lashes, they're your best friend. How did they even think of false lashes like, imagine they didn't? Like would you want to be a part of a world where lashes didn't flutter and you couldn't sassy blink your way out of any situations?? nooo, sir.

Maybe you are the opposite and are a part-timer false Or perhaps you have always wanted to wear them but are a beginner- we all have to start somewhere, right? I remember my first lashes were Paris Hilton's own brand at the time and they honestly BURNED like they invaded your eyeballs personal space constantly but, I glowed up and my lash situation only improved from there on out! Now, we have websites like giving us loads of lash brands in one place with sooo much to choose from it's lash heaven! However, seeing all those styles, brands etc it can be pretty intimidating and ngl after a while, they all just start to look the same don't they?

Below are my top F I V E favourite lashes! I have way more than 5 but this list is extremely strong. All lashes are durable, reliable, well made and guaranteed to be giving flutters to any hotties passing by for daysss.

**The following lashes are in no particular order, worth stating this x


I came across these lashes about a year and a half ago or more on Instagram and was drawn in instantly by how bold and dramatic they were. I actually had a social life at this point, so I was always wanting a big statement false lash for those messy nights out- and this was she! This lash has to be the ultimate statement lash. They are described on the website as 'Stacked Russian 3D Volume' and they are NOT kidding about the volume! These lashes are sooo full, fluffy and full of sass and drama- you actually will be seducing people when they catch sight of your peepers, hun!

You may have concerns that due to the fullness of these beaut lashes they may be a nightmare to stick (I worried about this as well) but as long as you have a pair of lash tweezers in hand, they are surprisingly easy to stick down and not at all heavy on your lids! These cost £16,75 but given the fact these will last more than 10 wears if you take care of them, they are so worth it! Anyone else dreaming of nights out looking at these lashes??

BOLD FACE: 'Power Pair'

Okay ngl, I am pretty obsessed with these lashes ATM! They can be worn for a more statement-y day look but for a date night or food with your gals (or maybe even a zoom chat?) these lashes are the ONE. I don't usually have favourites but for my current needs these lashes are ticking all the boxes. This is about my third pair now (another on route, in the words of Georgia, i'm loyal babe... IYKYK xo) they really do last a lot of wears without going that yucky tacky way from the glue on the lash band. I'm sure I am not alone in this but sometimes I just look back at photos of me and my lashes and think they don't look that perfect or great in photos however, these ones always photograph sooo well! These cost a tenner and I get them from, you can get 10% off with a code I found 'LASH10' you only save like a pound but every savings count, right?


Glamify lashes were lashes I had tried before I found Boldface and I continue to purchase them, why? Because they are probably the most reliable. All my lashes listed here have loads of wears in them however, taking in key points such as tacky-ness of the glue left on the band, misshaping of the band and lashes fraying into consideration, I would say these hidden gems come out on top. Even when they do get a bit tacky on the band eventually, they still continue to stick which is a huge bonus for any lash lover! They are my more 'every day into casual dressy night' lash I would say. I have worn these as a day time look just to give my eyes a little 'pop' when wearing minimum make-up and have also worn them for more toned down meals out, I always choose these lashes when I am unsure what to wear! The best part about these lashes tho? The website has a 3 pairs of false lashes for £15 deal!! So you could purchase 3 pairs of your fave lashes or mix and match to try new styles- what a barg! Definitely a must for a newbie to lashes, trying to find that perfect style for you.

DOLLBABY LONDON: 'Marbella Strip'

Straight up okay?, I didn't actually purchase these lashes they were gifted to me by Dollbaby London for writing a completely honest review of their 2 in 1 lash glue which you can find here. I had been looking for a more natural "no effort but totally spent ages doing this look" lash and it's as if the babes at Dollbaby knew what I needed! They describe this lash as like lash extensions and they are not messing. It has the appearance that replicates exactly that of lash extensions! These are so delicate and the band is so thin, perfect for quick looks or when you couldn't get a salon appointment and need lashes asap! These cost £16.75 - just like Seductress - and they usually have a wee discount code running on the Dollbaby London website- winning!


First and foremost gals- excuse the state of these lashes, they have been worn! I clearly never thought they would feature in a lash based blog or i'd have taken some sexy photos of them! When I seen the Scottish queen of make-up was releasing her own brand of falsies like, ofc I was on to it?? Going by the photos I felt TL Jamie 2 lash was more my vibe. These lashes are beaut! They are a perfect in-between of casual yet dressy or 'dressy-casual' I wouldn't wear them for full glam because ya gal here loves lashes that touch the sky like you have already seen above! However for softer glam looks, these are perfect; They cost £9 which is pretty decent for a pair of lashes, especially a collab! I have my eyes on the TL Jamie 1 lash next as it looks so beautiful on the campaign image on Jamie.

Fave Lash Glues!

Dollbaby Duo Pen: Click!

Eyecharm Glue: Click!

There you have it gals, my top 5 favourite lashes! Does anyone else wear any of the above or going to try them? Remember, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching you might get some good deals! Keep a look out 👀 and don't forget to share so I can ruin my bank account as well xo

As always gals- Stay Safe & Stay Sassy!