That Vain Gal | My Top 5 Pairs Of Lashes!

Who doesn't love a false lash? Whether it be for a full glam look or a day-time subtle lash, they instantly take your make-up look from a baby 5 to a solid 10 and if you have shit natural lashes, they're your best friend. How did they even think of false lashes like, imagine they didn't? Like would you want to be a part of a world where lashes didn't flutter and you couldn't sassy blink your way out of any situations?? nooo, sir.

Maybe you are the opposite and are a part-timer false Or perhaps you have always wanted to wear them but are a beginner- we all have to start somewhere, right? I remember my first lashes were Paris Hilton's own brand at the time and they honestly BURNED like they invaded your eyeballs personal space constantly but, I glowed up and my lash situation only improved from there on out! Now, we have websites like giving us loads of lash brands in one place with sooo much to choose from it's lash heaven! However, seeing all those styles, brands etc it can be pretty intimidating and ngl after a while, they all just start to look the same don't they?

Below are my top F I V E favourite lashes! I have way more than 5 but this list is extremely strong. All lashes are durable, reliable, well made and guaranteed to be giving flutters to any hotties passing by for daysss.

**The following lashes are in no particular order, worth stating this x