Dear Diary,

Acne isn’t fun, okay. Like, why did nobody tell me when I was younger and rejoicing that I had barely ever had a spot, that I could have been celebrating too soon?? Like, false sense of security much?

After having the odd wee chin spot through-out my teens (You know the ones), suddenly in my early 20’s that chin spot turned into a few chin spots and then those chin spots no longer were just on my chin! In the past year I have suddenly broken out in cystic acne and have a lot of whitehead spots, too. Why? Nobody is really sure. Some blamed my contraceptive pill (even though I had been on it for well over a year by this point and it’s my last resort pill to stop me popping out mini vain me’s) and as for the acne, I was given a retinoid cream and Dermatology have discussed worst case scenario would be putting me on Roaccutane as the cream hasn’t giving me the results we expected.

Now, the boring stuff out of the way let’s discuss what you really want to know- How do I get my glow on with acne? Well, it’s been a lot of trial and error let me tell you that huns! But I think I have finally found my perfect “blend” of products that don’t dry out my skin, clog my pores, look blotchy as the day goes on, stays put on my skin and makes me look fresh and glowing despite these yucky spots camping out on my chin and cheeks! It’s not easy to achieve – or find – this kind of thing so I am kind of shocked I have with barely any products and, the most critical acclaim for this routine, that this takes 10 minutes or LESS to achieve! Not to mention I actually stumbled upon this accidentally I wasn’t even trying to look nice the day I found this hahahaha

SO, on that note girls. I am going to leave you with this acne glowy skin tutorial that includes my night time skincare routine and the three key products to achieve this glow! Hopefully this helps some of you. Maybe you don’t suffer acne but just want quick glowy natural looking skin day to day? This make-up routine would work for everyone!