Animal Print- How To Make It Work For You!

Have you always wanted to try animal printed clothes, perhaps a bit of faithful 'ol leopard print but worried you'll look like a bit of Pat Butcher? Worry no more gal! Animal prints really can work for you- it's just a matter of finding 'YOUR' print; your style; how much or how little you want of it; fitting it and blending it into your pre-existing wardrobe pieces. Of course it can be pretty daunting wearing such bold prints! As you do feel you are going to be really making a statement - which depending on the print you can be - but babe, you deserve to have all eyes on you, for all the right reasons!

Autumn-Winter 2020 has seen the introduction of zebra print (yes gal other stuff is happening beyond local lockdowns can you believe it??) thus, signalling goodbye sailor stripes and heyyy you to zebra stripes! This print if you haven't noticed (tbf though, how can you miss it?) is extremely bold and seems borderline, well, a bit too far. However, do not fear that vain gal is here, showing you how to throw a bit of animal print into your outfit to feel as fierce as your print of choice. Here are my favourite - and extremely easy - ways to style those animal prints this season:

So lets break you animal print newbies in gently and deliver a little something for everyone! Now does my outfit above look too intimidating? Ofc not! My boyfriend seen me pose for this pic and complemented me on looking "classy" (he trynna say I usually dress like a hoe??) but it goes to show you that animal print doesn't always come across as bold and fierce, it can come across as inviting and even classy! A cover-up shirt is literally perfect for adding some print into your wardrobe and you definitely do not need to splash all out on it. I got this wee shirt for £8 in one of New Looks' sales- what a barg! I felt so confident and sexy in this shirt, it definitely has date night written all over it and I am now desperate for this mini circuit-breaker lockdown to be over so I can do just that... and obvs so I can consume large amounts of carbs loll xo

I love a cover up shirt for making an otherwise all black and pretty basic AF outfit "pop" and it takes very little effort to do it as well. Just throw on some black skinnies or leather look leggings, a black bralette or bodysuit and a cover up shirt tied over the top and you're looking amaaazing, gal!

Above is 2 ways to wear a zebra print skirt with EXTRA zebra print, obvs! With look number 1 you have quite a winter night out look going on, with the zebra print skirt, the black cosy jumper, sleevless blazer chucked on over it to make the outfit more clean-cut and a zebra print belt for added dramz because why not?! Ngl, I was totally experimenting with this belt and skirt combo for this not so glam in my bedroom photo-shoot however, I am absolutely loving.IT! It totally works together and the white sleeveless blazer just makes it all pop so damn goood (Link for zebra print skirt can be found below) Look number 2 is just a classic drinks with the gals look on short notice isn't it? Simple black bodysuit, leather jacket over the shoulders, strappy sandal heels and a printed skirt because as mentioned above, a print just makes you look like you give more of a shit for your outfit than you probably do! Especially for those last minute plans we all dread having to choose an outfit for.

Now this latest trend yes, isn't perhaps for everyone however, I feel the second photo really shows how elegant and bold but not screaming in your face kind of bold this print can be if you want to experiment with it plus, at £5.99 for this skirt, am I reaaally going to complain if I end up skipping on this trend? Absolutely not!

Now let's talk dresses. Who doesn't love a little multi-wear dress? I love choosing dresses these days that I can wear more casually but mostly importantly that I can sex up, too! This dress photographed is some strange cross-breed of a zebra and leopard/tiger. I say tiger tbh but Zara advertised it as zebra print so we officially have a breeding situation on our hands, I need to see papers real quick.

This little satin cami number was down to like £7 in the Zara sale!! Don't you just love when Zara do good sales? Because let's face it, it isn't always the most inexpensive store is it! I had been eyeing this dress up before the OG lockdown at full price so obvs being me I was buzzing to see it has been put on sale and ya gal here instantly had her anniversary dress (1 year anniversary of someone coming into my life and actually making me become a soppy B with an occasional heart xo) and what a killer it was! I felt hotttt in this dress and paired with black and gold accessories it was FIRE!

Pictured you can see, depending on the dress of choice, if you choose a printed cami-style dress you could wear it more than 1 way. Full glam like the first picture or casual glam in the second by putting a tee on underneath it and it completely re-vamps this dress doesn't it? Meaning you can wear it on your insta much faster and can avoid the "double wearing" rule, you're welcome hun xo

I have given you leopard print, zebra print, some cross-over breed of leopard and zebra so now gals... it's only fair wee snake print over here gets it's 2 cents in! Gotta be inclusive of the prints y'all.

Now I am quite particular about what I wear over my tootsies. I am not the best in heels so I have to have a certain kind of shoe... but a gal still needs some kind of height to her, i'm only 5ft 2 I need all the help I can get! So i usually look at boots with a 2-3" heel and not too much of a dip to them from heel to toe (told ya I was particular about shoes!) and I was looking at printed boots for absolutely ageees until I finally found the one - these ones - on Public Desire. They have that other current trend vibe going on, the "sock-boot" meets western appearance and are simply BEAUT! They are so comfy and so versatile and even make your legs look trimmer due to the more neater fit which, anything that makes you look trimmer in any way is always a winner, right?!

I decided to style these boots with an all black outfit purely to show the print off and give a statement shoe style, but it also just looks hot, don't ya think? All black and then having all eyes on the new shoes is just doing something for me you guys, I do go crazy for an all black outfit tbf. Like I am getting mad Sandy from 'Greece' who's on the break-up, Instagram revenge make-over vibes... if she had read my blog and decided to go for a bit of animal print yano? xo I got chilllls... TBF it is fckn freezing in Scotland this is actually a legit statement folks.

What actually is a gal without her accessories?? Like she is merely existing! Accessories are the things that give our outfit 'THAT' statement. Some glitz and glam, and just ties our outfit together. Guys never really pay attention to the details us gals do do they? Girls be like: "oh no there's a tiny silver button I better accessorise my wholeee outfit with silver to match that tiny button" , "ok so a printed bag would clash with other prints so can't wear that top it needs to be plain, what one out of 10 shall I decide on" we care about the finer details and sometimes, accessories will make us change an outfit as opposed to the accessory changing for said outfit (like, RI bags? They come first!! Working that outfit around my bag forever) Well, trusty printed items don't stop at clothing (thank the lord) and you can get your little dose of animal print in just that gals- smaller doses. You do not have to go all out in order to step up your glam or add some print, you can add some accessories to command attention as well.!


The standard 'statement bag' I guarantee all you gals own at least 1 statement bag- they are life saving! If you're like me and love wearing black on black on even more black, then a bag can make it seem like you are less boring! I do love my statement bags tbf (let me know in the comments if you want a blog based purely on bags because I am downnn!) and this one doesn't get taken out enough it's emosh. I have had it for around 4 years now and I usually pair it with an all black outfit and it has worked every time. It has enough print to be daring, without being in your face. If you are going to purchase anything printed I would highly recommend a bag, you would never regret it because bags are the ultimate accessory after all!


The belt that was previously pictured with my double dose of zebra print! Now obviously before, you may have not been that keen - if at all - but just check this out with an all black 'fit and that belt being my statement piece how nice is it?? Again though I totally get zebra print will not be for everyone's tastes and because it's so fresh on the scene, everyone is still finding their feet on how to style it so it seems more "risky" a choice, but you can also get leopard print belts that would do the exact same job. Perhaps even a black closed blazer with a printed belt pinching it in at the waist? SO many ways to wear a statement belt gals! And with UK online retailers such as Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo available to us, it's never been easier to get your hands on 'em any time you please.


The super cute hairband. Sometimes when I am wearing an all black outfit and I don't want to fade into the background or perhaps I just want a little something-something to my outfit, then I usually always opt for a printed or coloured hairband just to "pimp up" the look. I got this wee hairband in New Look and with the knotted detailing at top it ticks off another trend, too! I have worn this hairband more than I thought I would have when I purchased it truth be told, it goes so well with all black or even beige/brown toned clothing. When you see the overall look for something so small it just makes the outfit pop, right? It just commands all the RIGHT kind of attention. Not to mention gals if you're having a shit hair day- hairbands are life!

We have covered literally all the main prints out there! There is that cow print that keeps refusing to disappear and randomly pops up in the "new in" section on websites every now and again, trynna make fetch happen and all, but that is one trend I am not here for! I'm already a bit of a daft cow, I don't need to dress like one thank u, next.

My overall opinion on printed items is this; they can make you look slimmer or take attention away from areas you may not really like or feel self conscious about (we all have our body hang ups gal, it's normal). The skirt can mask any tummy insecurities due to the print design taking away any "focus" you may feel would be otherwise on your belly area, which I myself can confirm this skirt does do the trick for that; The shirt is loose over the tummy area and back area, allowing you to eat all you want and nobody seeing the bloating yasss! And the ankle boots as already explained, make your legs look trimmer due to how neat they are as the ankle meets with the calf. So is there any reason not to like a bit of animal print of some kind?

However gals, that is the end of this blog on how to make animal prints work for you! Hopefully you got some good tips, some style inspo, or are feeling bolder and more "fuck it" in your attitude compared to how it was before you read this blog and are down for trying something new- remember to let me hear all about it! Hot question of the week: How do you all wear your prints?

Until next time hun,

Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & Stay Billie Sty-lish!

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