Animal Print- How To Make It Work For You!

Have you always wanted to try animal printed clothes, perhaps a bit of faithful 'ol leopard print but worried you'll look like a bit of Pat Butcher? Worry no more gal! Animal prints really can work for you- it's just a matter of finding 'YOUR' print; your style; how much or how little you want of it; fitting it and blending it into your pre-existing wardrobe pieces. Of course it can be pretty daunting wearing such bold prints! As you do feel you are going to be really making a statement - which depending on the print you can be - but babe, you deserve to have all eyes on you, for all the right reasons!

Autumn-Winter 2020 has seen the introduction of zebra print (yes gal other stuff is happening beyond local lockdowns can you believe it??) thus, signalling goodbye sailor stripes and heyyy you to zebra stripes! This print if you haven't noticed (tbf though, how can you miss it?) is extremely bold and seems borderline, well, a bit too far. However, do not fear that vain gal is here, showing you how to throw a bit of animal print into your outfit to feel as fierce as your print of choice. Here are my favourite - and extremely easy - ways to style those animal prints this season: