Staring too much at our reflection when we could have been re-flecting...

Dear Diary,

Whilst I confess, I am still as vain a bitch as I ever was, lockdown has got me thinking a hell of a lot deeper about life as we know it or, knew it. Sure, I appreciate more than ever the true value of that £25 per month to achieve beautiful henna brows, aiding me in my inability to draw an angle to my brows and giving me an outline like a child who gets an adult to draw the outline for us to colour in. I still do not appreciate however, that at 25 I am going grey and I am coming @ anyone who has ever put me in a mood (easily done, eh xo) because I am aiming full blame towards you for me greying so prematurely in life BUT, I have come to accept that I, Lauren, am sadly, going grey... Who am I kidding, I have bought 2 brown root sprays and on the hunt for better, ain’t no grey hairs to see here nooooo sir! I might be appreciating life rn but as if lockdown is gonna make me accept I’m going grandma white at 25, I think not hun.

Life as we knew it has obviously changed and we don’t know how long our life is going to be altered for and until then we are almost kind of just existing. We can’t see friends, family, partners, kids and even just those social interactions when the woman behind the till in Primark says bye to