Post-Lockdown Special | Back 2 Vanity: Tips & A Catch Up!

Weyyy! And just like that I am back feeling more like myself than ever!

It has been a hot minute since I last did a blog because lockdown was as inspiring as a train departing, TBH. I even upgraded my Chromebook to a MacBook since we last chatted! Ya gal is fancyyyy

Now though beauts, lockdown has been lifted (as if you didn't know already and have been sitting indoors...) for what now feels like the hundredth time and we're told this time is for certain (well, for BoJo maybe, Nicola isn't giving us much is she!)

Will they/won't they keep us out of lockdown, it's like a budget rom com isn't it? Cause a lot of us didn't find it funny and the romantic spark we were painfully witnessing within our bedrooms was about as hot as a freezer, not cool bro. I do feel good about this recent lifting, though. Last time I felt so on edge all the time, scared to live incase it got snatched away but this time does feel more real than before, even if we are still having our makeup ruined by face masks! I've booked a few things in August, giving that normality should be somewhat restored by then and I'm actually allowing myself to feel excited for it!

With lockdown liftings (re)occurring. our inner vain bitch makes a comeback and ughhh. How much I am LOVING wearing makeup again and actually WEAR-ING IT. None of this getting done up to sit indoors shit we've had to make d