Dear Diary,

Have you ever looked on Boux Avenue’s website and wondered what their sizing was like? Material? Was it worth the price? The hype? At Christmas you see the “shorts in a box” gift option and you may wonder if they are/feel as luxury as the price suggests. Now, compared to other PJ’s (nod to Primark here…) they are probably a bit over-budget for a lot of us HOWEVER… what about as a treat? A present? Or simply, just because? Well count your blinding highlight gals, because I bought 2 pairs of different material/style Boux Avenue PJ’s to try so you don’t have to! Welcome ladies and gents to “the review”


Before i begin, i should probably do that whole "this blog is not sponsored and all opinions are entirely my own" thing- there, clarified! Now let's get down to it. I will break this blog into 4 different criteria s' for review; Packaging, Quality & Material, Sizing and Value For Money. Will they be Vanity Diary approved? Keep reading....


If you have never purchased from Boux Avenue or received a gift from there. Whether it be PJ’s or your boyfriend treating you to some sexy new lingerie, then you may be unfamiliar with their packaging or at least, their gift wrapping. In Boux Avenue stores, you receive a luxury-style glossy bag with the logo on it and rope black straps- it’s a bag you WANT to be seen with! Their online gift wrapping is no exception and has been extremely thought through to give the perfect gift experience to the customer or the receiver of that gift. I am not sure if it always is, but with my order the gift wrapping was free to add on to the purchase with no additional costs which, when it isn’t going to cost any extra, why wouldn’t you take it? It’s classy AF.

So, lets discuss the process that will lead up to the grand reveal of your items. The box it ARRIVES in is just a plain brown cardboard box and probably designed for discretion considering lingerie may be in there! I’d also imagine it’s cheaper to produce and the cardboard box does not dampen the overall experience in any way. The cardboard box if, like me, you are clueless to the correct way of opening these boxes, can be tricky! I ended up ripping the cardboard a good bit to the point if these PJ’s didn’t fit me, it was going to be hard to return them. As Boux Avenue’s return slip instructs, place any returning items back in the original cardboard box… so make sure you open it right, huns!

Now, the grand reveal. The main box. Like its sister store bag, this box is a smooth glossy finish and is very generous in sizing too. Once you open the box you are met with branded tissue paper, sealed together with a brand sticker. The tissue paper and the sticker seal really does show how much they have taken overall customer experience into consideration with their brand- I’m impressed. A lot of their money I would assume gets put towards their gift wrapping service and tbh, I am all for it! Even if it does mean their products are slightly more expensive for it. Once you undo the seal, your items are folded neatly inside the tissue paper, surrounded by paper mesh-like rose petals for that extra girly feel. It’s like the Jane Norman branded gift bag all over again- you WANT to show this box off! And your boyfriend would definitely get some brownie points for this too even though he didn’t think of it personally. The box just screams luxury from the top to the bottom! The only slight criticism I would have is that if you had to return 1 of your items, would you have to give the gift box back too? As there aren’t any protective coverings for the clothing.


Added Bonus: When selecting gift wrapping at checkout, it gives you the option to write a gift note which will get included inside the gift box. I chose to write myself one for this purchase, a cute little note to spur me on during this pandemic (when bae writes cute notes lol xo) and even the piece of card the note is imprinted on feels high quality.

I honestly am blown away by this gift packaging alone and this is before I even review the products! How will the rest fair? Keep on reading to find out!


Now, when you unwrap that lux-feel tissue paper I mentioned above, you are instantly greeted with your purchase. Folded neatly is your items (tags are attached) placed one on top of the other. The items had zero creases in them and I have zero complaints about how they were laid out, either. Upon first glance anyone will know, you can straight away tell what looks like good quality and what doesn’t make the cut. My first wary glance upon these items (wary because these PJ’s are not cheap ok) was met with actually, a major sigh of relief and obvs, excitement cause your gal is lounging in style if these baby’s fit! The quality at first glance for sure meets the price you paid.

When I lifted them out, I was impressed even further, this is pretty good material we are dealing with, huns. Let’s separate each PJ with individual first impressions:



The “I’m berry into you” set: The shorts are really thick. Not flimsy like I find other brands with lower frill detailing in their shorts to be. The shorts are in no way see-through or transparent, I genuinely can’t get over the quality can you tell? The top is no exception. Really good tee, oversized however, if you go bra-less you may see a bit of nipple depending on how tight the tee is on you (which it shouldn’t be if you got the correct size) but if you are bigger in the bust or like to tie your long PJ tees at the back like I do, even with my wee A cuppers you will see a tiny bit of nipple but that’s pretty standard. The print on both top and bottoms is again, high quality. The print is striking, colours are bold and the logo on the top is small yet stands out. The tie detail at the waist is legit, it isn’t one of those fake one’s brands have been known to add in for detail- this will make your PJ shorts tighter (lets rejoice!) The colours on these PJ’s you would never think to put together (pink background, reddy/pink tie with purples, blues and hotter pinks in the details but it totally works.

I really think these will be my new cute PJ’s, my new favourites for sure! And I have a lotttttt of PJ’s (borderline obsession) so if these are my new faves? You better believe they were against some top contenders.


The "Pretty Floral" set: Much thinner in comparison to the other set, however, they are intended to be more of a summer-type, warmer weather PJ so i guess it is expected. Even though the material is much thinner, the quality is all still very much there. When doing the "pull test" i always do on thinner PJ's (to see if they feel sturdy when i pull or like they would rip easily) these definitely passed the test as whilst evidently a thinner material, they feel tight to pull which is what you are wanting as it means you will get good wear out of them. Again, like the other ones, the tie detail ain't false security, it is very much present. At first i miss-judged it and thought it didn't do anything but boy was i wrong! These probably pull in tighter than the other ones. The back of the top on these PJ's is stretchy with shirred detailing which, at first glance I found to be an unusual choice but once wearing it,

it blends in really nicely. The front of the top has a tie feature to make into a cute little bow with a little peep hole- i'd image this would be real cute if you had boobs but, can't relate xo. Both top and bottoms have frill detailing to the bottom of them which gives an overall summery, girly feel in general.

These PJ's could definitely be dressed to be both girly and cute to sexy and feelin' myself

SIZING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

From the photos above you can see with your own eyes- THEY FIT! Very successful shop. However, let's break down the sizing of my new fancy PJ's.

The "I'm berry into you" set was a UK SIZE 6 and the "Pretty floral" set was a UK SIZE 8. Now i weigh 9.5 stone and have an athletic build, i vary between a size 6-8 in my PJ's because i am one of "those" who like their comfies fitted- i know, i'm a freak ok. I picked my size based on how the material looked on the model "is it elasticated?" ,"do the bottoms look stretchy?" and if they do by a noticeable amount, then 9/10 i will opt for the smaller size because i know there is stretch in them and i don't want them to be too wide. If the material looks any different from cotton-like then i will consider sizing up, like i did here with pretty floral.

I'M BERRY INTO YOU: Really true to size, would best suit people between a UK size 6-8 for sure. The bottoms are really comfy and fit well with plenty of stretch in the waist. Considering I have thicker thighs, usually in frill bottom shorts the elastic rolls the frills up and ruins the look - and feel - of the shorts, however, these do not do that at all and aren't too elasticated at the frill making it looser, and way more practical and enjoyable for us girls with smaller waists but thicker thighs! The top was slightly oversized and on my 5"2 frame, a bit on the long side however, i opted to tie it up at the back for a more "fitted" look (we have already established i am weird ok?) and it instantly gave these PJ's an upgrade.

PRETTY FLORAL: I sized up in these due to being aware they weren't so much cotton-type stretch and i am so glad i did! The size 8 is perfect and probably true to size for a standard UK 8. The size 6 would definitely have been too neat for me and probably have given me a serious front and back wedgie, and even i have limits with how tight my PJ's can be gals! The shorts are more fitted at the front than at the back as the back is more frilled outwards were as the front is more straight down. The tie detail is a good feature as they did need pulling in slightly. The top fit's well and, due to the shirred back, will fit size 8 girls with more boob-age, definitely. The top is a bit longer on me, less "cropped", that it is on the model on the website but that again is probably due to the fact i have pancake day every day on my chest and i'm not a 5"9 model! So, due to this minor complaint the tops frill at the bottom meets my shorts instead of showing off my waist a bit which, ngl, i was quite sad about, but i just pulled and tucked the top up a bit to give it that effect instead!


Overall value for money I would rate this purchase 4 1/2 stars. It didn't get a full 5* due to it being slightly longer made in both tops for us shorter gals. The other reason being, despite absolutely loving these PJ's, i would get genuine fear spending the full price on them without a discount! However, I am currently eyeing up their sportswear so am i a reliable source? 🌚 The jury is still out eh?

That's my official review of Boux Avenue DONE! Did you like this review? Would you like to see more like it? What brand should i review next? Drop your suggestions in the comments section below- Let's get chatting! 💋

Much Love and Lounging babes,