If only i hadn't clicked on their page...

Dear Diary,

I must confess my sins…

They have got me goooood, right where they want me. I can’t ignore them! 50+ mails a day from different accounts and some, are even sliding into my junk folder it’s endless. They are constantly surprising me with amazing offers that I just can’t stop myself from being drawn into. Then you have the cute texts, I’m struggling to say no but one person really is not happy about my ongoing love-hate relationship with them…


I ain’t talking about guys here, no sir. I am talking about *deep sigh* - ONLINE SHOPPING! I can’t take it anymore! I AM WEAK. The emails are one thing but then they be sending me texts like:

“Dominos 2 large pizzas for £20”


Like, if this was a relationship, I’d have a full-on stalker situation and be calling the police. How many online retailers have I surrendered my email address to?? I don’t think my inbox can’t take much more of this, the poor guys seeing 100 a day, clearly social distancing doesn’t apply to emails cause I’m getting 10 within the hour!

Now, I’m sure I, Lauren, speak for many here when I say we are “balls deep” in not just a corona pandemic… but a national online shopping crisis too! I might avoid the corona but I’m definitely not avoiding an overdraft tbh.

However, if you are going to online shop at least (try) be able to justify it. Ask yourself “why do I want this?”, “will this benefit me during lockdown?”, “can I afford it?”. Now, let’s be real, sometimes the answers are going to be “just because”, “nope” and “absolutely fckn not!” but hey, if you don’t treat yo’ self, hun then who else will, right? I can justify all my online purchases besides 5 (my boyfriend says it’s more like 10 but why he hatin’?)

So, this blog is to show you my last 5 purchases both justified and also “just because” Vanity isn’t all about make-up, it’s about how you look and take pride in yourself in general and fashion is a big - and painfully expensive - part of that.


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Because, pastels and tie dye, duh. Like if you have not jumped aboard the sheep express train already you need to hop on board! Tie-dye is the summer essential you NEED. There is tie-dye everything ATM- even face masks (looking at you here BooHoo) it's hard to not like this trend tbh, it instantly revamps your wardrobe. I got this tee from the Boohoo man's range and WOW! The tee was only like, £10 and considering the price, the material is thick and really decent. I got this in a size "SMALL" but definitely get a size up for a more oversized tee!


Right, I am like a bambi in high heels okay? I just can't do it. I need heels around the 3.5" mark (i'm only 5ft 2 okay, it does add some height when you are this genetically small) and i need them to have a closed back at the heel which nowadays, does create more of a challenge to find BUT, after wanting gold-like heels for 5 years now (NO JOKE) I finally found these beauties that ticked all my risk assessment boxes! They are perfect and the tie up detailing just adds to it (you can wrap this around in a bow or do a criss-cross style detail up your shin) now I can finally up my jeans game on date nights (fila distributors, i love you okay but sometimes I just wanna look real cute)


Did i need this? Probably not, but the colour just screamed "add me to your wardrobe Lauren, i'll love you" so, obviously I listened because well, i'm not rude. Will I wear this blazer? Yes. Does it pair with different wardrobe items? Yes. Did I really need it? Well no, seeing as I don't know when i'll next be out-out to wear it! But when I am, i'm thinking of loading up on the gold accessories to have a bangin' look. Blazer itself is true to size (UK 8) and would definitely recommend it if you have been looking around for a statement colour pop blazer. It comes with matching shorts too for a short-suit style which is also hottt so treat yourself and buy the set!


OK so not the best picture of these genius leggings but it's the best I got. This is gymshark branching out it's camo range into bum scrunch detailing and I am all for it! I always wear black leggings at the gym and have been searching for a lighter colour that doesn't show up triangle sweat (that disgusting sweat patch at your thong...) which is really hard with lighter colours. These leggings are amazing and the bum scrunch highlights your peach gainz 🍑! Are they sweat proof? No. I still get that triangle sweat but due to the pattern of these leggings it doesn't look all that bad. Can't wait to wear these to the gym but for now, @ home Les Mills workouts with Snapchat posing pics gotta do.


I know what you are thinking, why did I need a dress during lockdown and how can I even justify it? Also your probably wondering why I am all dressed up in said dress prancing around my room posing. Well, I can confirm I haven't lost my mind- it was an indoor date night! It wasn't a "anything will do" dress code for me because after 3 months of me lounging around in PJ's, gym-wear and zero make-up, I wanted my boyfriend to remember who he dealing with when i'm full glam and THAT girls, is a perfect excuse for purchasing that dress am I right?! This dress flaunts 3 of my favourite things: My shoulders, bum and waist. Highly recommend if you want to show a bit of flesh whilst not having to get too much skin out to do so!

So gals, until next time. Stay safe and remember to wash your hands after opening them PLT and Boohoo parcel deliveries, huns x

Much Love,



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