Dollbaby London's NEW Pre-Cut Strip Lashes: The Review

Well, what a way to start March my beauts! Dollbaby London have recently launched a new range of lashes which are certainly unique- but do we expect any different from them tbh? No sirrrr.

Introducing to you- the 'Pre-cut' range! This range consist of 3 different lash styles with 3 different densities and ALL coming with an invisible lash band. Dollbaby have form for bringing out unique concepts (think, their 2 in 1 duo pen which you can find the review about here and also their magnetic lashes) and now they are, cutting lashes up? Before we get them? Okayyy, wee see you.

I personally have never really seen pre-cut lashes before on the market and these are advertised as like lash extensions - as they do have the same appearance, like cluster lashes - however, unlike lash extensions these come off at the end of the day just like regularly falsies. They also claim to last you for up to 25 wears- with proper care ofc... big claims!

Won't they be tricky though? Won't they get bent? Won't they look uneven? What is even the point? Why not just use regular lashes if they need to come off?

Shall we just get down to the deets already and answer all those questions, babe? Yeah? Let's gooooo!

[Before we begin, just to be transparent that Tyra (the owner of Dollbaby) gifted me these 3 styles as she loved my last review about their eyeliner when herself and her team seen it (yasss!) and wanted me to review their new products and duh, of course I said yes! I was also buzzing because dollbaby + new lashes? LOVE. This review is in no way endorsed/paid/fed to me, it is completely my own opinion, thoughts and feelings and that will never change, babe! I love bringing reviews to this blog and they'll always remain. completely transparent and honest 💕Now let's get down to the review!]