Dollbaby London's NEW Pre-Cut Strip Lashes: The Review

Well, what a way to start March my beauts! Dollbaby London have recently launched a new range of lashes which are certainly unique- but do we expect any different from them tbh? No sirrrr.

Introducing to you- the 'Pre-cut' range! This range consist of 3 different lash styles with 3 different densities and ALL coming with an invisible lash band. Dollbaby have form for bringing out unique concepts (think, their 2 in 1 duo pen which you can find the review about here and also their magnetic lashes) and now they are, cutting lashes up? Before we get them? Okayyy, wee see you.

I personally have never really seen pre-cut lashes before on the market and these are advertised as like lash extensions - as they do have the same appearance, like cluster lashes - however, unlike lash extensions these come off at the end of the day just like regularly falsies. They also claim to last you for up to 25 wears- with proper care ofc... big claims!

Won't they be tricky though? Won't they get bent? Won't they look uneven? What is even the point? Why not just use regular lashes if they need to come off?

Shall we just get down to the deets already and answer all those questions, babe? Yeah? Let's gooooo!

[Before we begin, just to be transparent that Tyra (the owner of Dollbaby) gifted me these 3 styles as she loved my last review about their eyeliner when herself and her team seen it (yasss!) and wanted me to review their new products and duh, of course I said yes! I was also buzzing because dollbaby + new lashes? LOVE. This review is in no way endorsed/paid/fed to me, it is completely my own opinion, thoughts and feelings and that will never change, babe! I love bringing reviews to this blog and they'll always remain. completely transparent and honest 💕Now let's get down to the review!]

Upon opening the lashes they all arrive in the typical Dollbaby packaging which I've always had a crush on! Black and gold is just a total vibe, ok? Don't @ me about it These lashes - according to the website and Tyra the founder - are aimed at first-time lash users so in other words, anyone who is a complete newb to lashes, and long-time lash wearers. Now, it is natural to wonder how newbies will find these as opposed to a strip lash due to their being 4 pieces to handle as opposed to the 1 strip so I am really intrigued with this concept.

My track record with individual lashes isn't the best ngl! We aren't really friends, we had a bad break-up tbh, don't want to talk about it totally (not) over it, and they were really difficult so I feel like I will be a newb when it comes to applying these as well- or could potentially have a total vanity disaster! But, in Dollbaby we trust, that is how I am approaching these boxes right now.

Upon opening all 3 boxes at once (because, why be basic and open 1 at a time?) I immediately see that 'Finest' is the (doll)baby of this collection. She (yes, she is a she ok I have decided) is more subtle, more natural compared to her pre-cut sisters and definitely an everyday "I'm not wearing any falsies" false lash! She cute.

'First Class' is definitely the middle child of the bunch with wispy details through-out. This lash reminds me of Ardell Demi Wispies and I'm liking the look of her. Again, still natural-looking but with more criss-cross detailing to give you still, an everyday lash but for slightly more depth to it than Finest, who I feel is aimed to be more natural-natural. This lash looks good for taking us from day-time to drinks after work (Yano, if we weren't in a freekin pandemic!)

Last of the sisters is the bad bitch, she is giving off so much sass! 'Starlet' is for us gals who love a bit of drama and are all about the extra intense factor, there is absolutely nothing subtle about her! She is definitely made for finishing off our glam looks, going on date nights and just absolutely slayin' in general and tbh, I'm here for it.

These lashes arrive separated into 4 pieces and you can clearly see where's your outer eye and inner eye on each inside the box so you know which eye is which (anyone else struggle to work that out sometimes from lash boxes btw?) I HIGHLY recommend using lash tweezers here as you need to delicately pick up your pre-cut lash sections and you don't want them to kink too much as they won't last very long if you play rough with them girl.

For glue, I will be using an old lash adhesive I have as I think the brown or the black of Dollbaby 2 in 1 eyeliner will give the 2 more day-time lashes a more bolder look than I would like here. **FYI they do a 2 in 1 lash liner in a clear shade- I'm just a bit daft and haven't purchased it yet, regrets aplenty! Highly recommend adding that to your basket as well- check out my review on that here if you need some convincing, babe!**

Now, I'm going to review these lashes separately under their own titles to properly dissect them and give them space to breathe, as well as ensuring you can find the best lash suited to you more easily. If you're a regular here, you'll know I don't write reviews half ar*ed so grab a gin gal, we're going in deep!

As mentioned previously, these are the baby of the group. They are described on the Dollbaby website as:

"Subtle, with a tapered shape that goes shorter at the inner corner and longer at the outer eye. Low density, detailed criss-cross feathered fibres"

Accurate, tbh. These lashes are definitely more subtle and personally for me, now the most subtle lashes I own! I would say they are your everyday lash and perfect if you were going without make-up but wanted to look more 'alert' or just feel like you made an effort. I would personally only wear these if I was going without make-up but still wanted to look presentable. The design/style of these is PERFECT for a newb to lashes as they are less detectable, you never want to be going too dramatic your first time- start small! I found these really quick to apply but they can be a bit fiddly in the wrong kind of lighting so I definitely recommend applying this under light to see where your next lash cluster is going.

How I Would Wear These Lashes-

I would wear them for no make-up looks or using 1 or 2 on the outer edge for an accent eye (as pictured above with just the 1 at each side) pair it with some fox winged liner to add some drama to my natural lashes- that is a total VIBE right now!

These give me major Ardell Demi wispy vibes fo' sure but the difference being these are chopped into 4 pieces and should last longer! When I began my false lash journey years ago I definitely loved a Demi wispy but you barely got 2 uses out of them before they were ready for the bin! Demi wispy-type lashes are what I would personally recommend for not just newbies but pre-existing lash wearers who want a daytime lash for running errands, work, or to throw on to feel good about yourself for those zoom meetings you absolute despise! The website describes these lashes as:

"Medium density, fluffy & multi layered with natural looking criss-cross fibres and curled tips"

To summarise that for anyone who may be new to falsies- basically a traditional wispy lash! I found these to be definitely a higher-quality Ardell Demi Wispy vibe when applied but slightly bolder. Like 'Finest' these were also quick & easy to apply (perhaps more so given they are thicker/darker) both of these felt so lightweight that I'm genially concerned I'll forget I even have lashes on!

How I Would Wear These Lashes-

For times that I have natural looking make-up on but still want my eyes to feel bolder without being too dramatic. These could definitely, potentially be a go-to summer lash for me! They would again, totally work for an outer eye accent as well as shown in finest but perhaps layer up on the mascara in your inner eye to make it blend. I would say these are beautiful for natural-looking date nights, drinks & for times you can't be ar*ed applying eye make-up besides your lashes! (happens to the best of us, right?)

Starlet is my kinda lash! She is feisty. I am a long-time wearer of Dollbaby London's 'Seductress' lash and have used this lash for around 2 years now and it really never fails me for a full glam look, this reminds me of a sliced version of that. I would say I have mastered applying strip lash falsies well enough so I am unsure if I would use a pre-cut lash but, I'm down for trying! I am unsure if this will be for me personally as it would be more time consuming than a strip lash perhaps especially if I had a lot of eye make-up on that would make it more difficult to see where I am applying it however I still think it's brilliant as like the other 2, it has an invisible band! You could even apply 3 instead of 4- it's completely customisable to your own tastes and preferences. The website description says this lash is:

"Full density with long, fluffy, criss-cross flares and a big curled tip"

These remind me of the bold lash extensions you would get in a salon I do think they're fab I just don't know if I would choose them over dramatic strip lashes!

I would say the pre-cut is more bolder despite not being as in your face as a strip lash would be (if you go big or go home like I do with my night out lashes that is!) it is definitely more black than my go-to night out strip lash tbh but, admittedly, I probably will still stick with strip lashes for nights out. For those of you who love adding a slightly glammed up lash to their natural look though now and again or for occasions, I highly recommend Starlet for this. Maybe even a perfect date night lash, too?!


[Finest accent lash | Finest full lash | First Class full lash]


That is it from me folks, I told you all I didn't do reviews by half measures! All pre-cut lashes retail at £16.75 each and last up to 25 wears with proper TLC. I absolutely love these pre-cut lashes and they were surprisingly easy to apply despite being a bit fiddly at first. They can be applied just as quickly as strip lashes and the bonus is you don't have to cut any of the ends off to fit your eyes which is a big win as that is a major downside to strip lashes imo (not to mention that gut-wrenching feeling when you think there's a spider on your floor when really it's a freekin' excess piece of lash...) 'First Class' & 'Finest' just made me look more glam than I actually was those days and ya got to love a beauty hack that makes you feel like that am I right?? I didn't think I would love them as much as I do, I'm pleasantly shocked!

I recommend pairing all 3 lashes with: Dollbaby 2 in 1 liner in shade 'clear' or pair starlet with the shade 'brown' or 'black' for a bolder look.

I have a little treat for you though beauts and I'm surprised I kept this quiet the whole blog! I managed to get a wee discount code for you to use on all 3 of these lashes as a little thank you for reading this blog and supporting me.

Tyra at Dollbaby kindly gave me a code that is valid until the end of March. I earn absolutely no commission from this FYI- it's just all for you guys so use 'VAINGAL10' to save some pennies at checkout, babe. You know me, love a barg and a cheeky discount code is the ultimate definition of one. This discount is valid on pre-cut lashes only so if you add in a glue, it won't discount that unfortunately!

Thats it from me though beauts & as always; Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & Stay Slayin' with your new pre-cut lashes!