2 in 1 Eyeliner/Adhesive Pen | DollBaby London Product Review

Now, I am sure every gal out there can relate to the stresses of applying liner AND false lashes; “do I put on eyeliner and then my lashes?” “do I apply the lashes first and then liner over the top?” “do I do liner, then lashes then liner again?” and let’s face it, regardless of which one you choose it’s going to take anywhere between 10-20 minutes to master! Like, good things come to those that wait... or wait for glue to dry x

We have all been there, our lashes just aren’t sticking or our liner is not cool with the lashes and isn’t allowing them to connect and join forces. Then you have eyeliner. Some may be like me and be genetically sh*t at doing eyeliner WITHOUT the wing (and don’t even get me started on when I do a wing! I’m already winging life never mind eyeliner, too) and have 1 eye going all Cinderella, who is here to stay she going to the ball looking good ready for her prince charming. Then the other is one of the ugly step sisters and nobody wants to hang with her know, she's trying to ruin Cinderella's night. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the times lashes can mask dodgy liner and I am here for it… but what if you could have good liner AND good lashes? Well girl, your time has come. Here I introduce- your night-out saviour! Like Scooter once asked “Are you ready??”

OK, so if you haven’t heard of this brand, I will forgive you but I am not accepting any excuses for not checking them out once you have finished reading this review! I have been getting my out-out falsies from this brand for a while, as well as my false lash glue and I love their brand. Their faux minx lashes are amaaazing, I always get compliments on them. So when I got the email about their new product launch, I was intrigued. I admittedly forgot about it in amongst all my other online shopping purchases I just had to make (lol b*tch who forced u?) but then I got another email saying that they now sell this in three tones – black, brown and clear – and I went and checked it out again. This time on the page however, it had magazine reviews and I instantly purchased it in the black shade to see if I could really see the 2 in 1 benefit of this product.

Now it’s worth saying for all my gals who love Auntie Klarna or Uncle Clearpay, DollBaby London offers Clearpay meaning you can pay your purchase off in 4 instalments which makes it feel so inexpensive a purchase! Like any purchases from this company, it always arrives within 5 days! Their delivery service and dispatch times are amazing, even in a pandemic.

Now, ofc you better believe I was proper buzzing when I opened this packaging because ya gal wanted to create some sticky wing…ed liner yano? First impressions- I was greeted with the usual Dollbaby packaging which consists of black with gold text (which I love btw) it was slightly more of a rectangle shape, a bit wider than your standard eyeliner box but we are not fat shaming her, she good. Once you open the packaging the pen sits inside a plastic casing which is nice because I like keeping my items protected (more like stopping me from losing them lol xo) in things like this. The product looks just like a standard eyeliner pen on the outside so it’s so far hard to imagine how different it actually is but I’m excited to find out! Now it is worth mentioning that this 2 in 1 eyeliner and lash glue claims to be a UK first, that's pretty major and some hype to live up to yano- so, will it?

The packaging gives the following instructions:

1. Shake well before use.

2. Apply first coat of adhesive eyeliner pen as you would a regular top liner then wait approx 10 seconds until it goes tacky.

3. Apply a second coat (once tacky), wait approx 5 seconds, then place lashes on top of the adhesive eyeliner and press lashes down firmly.

Sounds straight forward enough, right? Let’s see...

So for the purpose of this test, I decided to not use my usual - and very trusted - Dollbaby lashes (FYI I highly recommend 'Seductress' for a full glam look and 'Marbella' strip lash for a lash extension-like day to day look) and instead opted to use a completely different brand, just to see if it's a team player. I chose for this example Prima's dainty Lashes in “D16“ which, btw, needed so much cut off the band before-hand because they are like lashes made for an anime character honestly, sooo not cute. Once I had trimmed about half a lash off, I started following the instructions on the liner box.

As stated before, me and liner aren’t always friends and I was worried as, because this was glue too, it would be hard to rub off any mistakes I may make but actually, my first application on my right eye went really well! I waited 10 seconds and touched the liner line ever so lightly - which had now gone tacky - and proceeded with the second coat. When you are applying the second coat you will notice the liner now has a more shiny, glue-like appearance but is really jet black which I was surprised by! I made a little mistake and it was easy to remove if you act fast enough. I waited probably more like 10 seconds again just to be sure, picked up my falsies with my eyelash tweezers (highly recommended) and popped it on the line I had drawn and, to my surprise, it stuck first time! Honestly, if you have tried this brand’s magnetic lashes it felt a bit similar to that in that the gluey liner seemed to attract my lashes I was SHOOK. Now however, I was faced with the challenges to end all challenges- getting my “bad eye” (we all have one ok) to match my “good eye”. Ngl, I kind of failed at making them match liner wise but results wise, it was super quick and super easy to apply and I had fluttery lashes in under 2 minutes! Not just that, even without a wing my eyes popped more due to the black line underneath my lashes and it looked like I made more effort than I actually had! Result!


After the initial first day spent with my new bestie, I found that the tackier my false lashes got, the less they would stick as effortlessly. The tricky thing is, if for example your inner corner just won’t stick then it can be a bit of a pain to try and re-line it twice whilst keeping the other part of your lash that had stuck first time in place (vain gal problems folks) which I did find issues with the more I tried to re-use these lashes with this 2 in 1 combo but did it put me off? ...

I absolutely LOVE this product and think it is an amazing concept! For a quick, on the go look it is sooo effortless and instantly makes you look more put together in very little time therefore, it is 100% Vain Gal approved! If I am going out-out however, I would probably leave the liner at home and just take out my regular Dollbaby lash glue with me for any top-ups if they were to occur (better safe than sorry) but that is purely because being gin drunk and trying to apply 2 coats of this isn’t going to end well! I also perhaps, wouldn’t be creating my actual wing with this liner but I will definitely be using it to line my lids and as a lash glue for the foreseeable!

So huns, this is that vain gal's new obsession. Let me know if you own this product and what you think of it OR if you love what you have seen from this review and are off to purchase it because I am probably more buzzing for you receiving it than you are having purchased it (no joke)

As always girls- Stay Safe & Sassy and wing life like you do your liner xo