2 in 1 Eyeliner/Adhesive Pen | DollBaby London Product Review

Now, I am sure every gal out there can relate to the stresses of applying liner AND false lashes; “do I put on eyeliner and then my lashes?” “do I apply the lashes first and then liner over the top?” “do I do liner, then lashes then liner again?” and let’s face it, regardless of which one you choose it’s going to take anywhere between 10-20 minutes to master! Like, good things come to those that wait... or wait for glue to dry x

We have all been there, our lashes just aren’t sticking or our liner is not cool with the lashes and isn’t allowing them to connect and join forces. Then you have eyeliner. Some may be like me and be genetically sh*t at doing eyeliner WITHOUT the wing (and don’t even get me started on when I do a wing! I’m already winging life never mind eyeliner, too) and have 1 eye going all Cinderella, who is here to stay she going to the ball looking good ready for her prince charming. Then the other is one of the ugly step sisters and nobody wants to hang with her know, she's trying to ruin Cinderella's night. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the times lashes can mask dodgy liner and I am here for it… but what if you could have good liner AND good lashes? Well girl, your time has come. Here I introduce- your night-out saviour! Like Scooter once asked “Are you ready??”