Pink & Dreamy | Natural Statement Eye, Full-face Tutorial

Summer may almost be over girls, but that doesn’t mean our make-up has to get darker and grungier (just yet anyway!). A simple statement eye can give your look that instant girly touch- even if your look is a full black outfit! Experimenting with a pop of colour can be quite intimidating, especially for more of a day time look however, your gal Lauren is here to show you that a statement eye is sooo wearable; whether that be for some lunch out with your besties; a cute AF date; a day to night look; and you my gal could be on the receiving end of all the compliments! This look makes it appear like you applied more effort to your eyes and make-up than you actually did! YouTube can be quite intimidating; feeling like you need to learn a lot of specific techniques to master a statement eye look however, seeing as I can't even grasp winged liner, I'm going to show you how you can do this without all the technical dramz!

Now, I will fully admit, I personally love a brown smoky eye day to day myself. Even at night I’ll usually play it safe but lately I have been experimenting more with pink and peach toned hues and I feel my ‘look’ (whatever that even is!) is much fresher for it. It’s fab because, as a slave to false lashes, a statement eye makes me look more put together on it’s own resulting in my falsies surviving longer as I can go out with just mascara on (sometimes even ditching this completely as well- who even am I??) and admittedly, get out the door much quicker! Lazy gal comment here but the perks of a 1 or 2 toned day-time statement eye is you can get away with using the same brush for both colours and tbh, who doesn’t love a simple life yano?

So on that note babe, here below is my video of my ‘Pink & Dreamy’ day time make-up tutorial. Key features in