Feel Unique's New Beauty Sample Kit: The Review!

So, there is a whole new beauty 'thing' in town! We have long been presented with basic AF sachets of samples at checkouts and even subscription beauty boxes but now? We have the 'sample' beauty kit, brought to us by Feel Unique and personally? I think this is absolutely GENIUS and here below I am going to gift you all with the deets about this new edition to their website, as well as a real-time reaction review of the un-boxing of these goodies! So firstly, how does this game changer work?

If you have stumbled onto here from my YouTube channel then you can completely skip this part- you already know, gal! However for everyone else, let's keep this to a traditional and blogg-ish standard,

1) You can only choose FIVE samples and you need to be a member (sign up to their website) in order to make this kit.

2) You are only allowed to create ONE beauty kit box PER MONTH! So for example, I purchased this on the 12th November, that means I can't create a new box until the 12th of December.

3) You can only make one kit PER HOUSEHOLD. To keep things fair, kits are limited to 1 per household even if it is different accounts/members of the household (although I have not tested this myself to see if it flags it yet 👀)

Let's face it though hun. If they didn't have these rules in place we would be stocking up on samples All.Month.LONG!

Which is better? A non-subscription - but can be purchased monthly - beauty kit or, the subscription, auto-renewal, beauty boxes? What are the pro's and con's to each of these little pieces of monthly heaven?


You subscribe to a subscription plan for 1 month, 3 months or more. You are automatically charged for this, usually at the first of every month and they are pretty damn hard to get out of sometimes, unless you return the box for a refund. You do not know what you are receiving inside the box each month which tbf, we all love a surprise don't we? It's something to look forward to each month! The items inside are mostly full sized (not all) or travel sized products and they have different 'themes' to the boxes each month so that all the products inside the box tie together such as 'radiant' or 'relax'


You decide! You pick any five samples you want meaning you aren't going to risk not liking/using items included as you would in the beauty boxes. The element of surprise may be taking away however, it is replaced with reassurance that you have five products to sample that you are genuinely interested in. You do not get charged monthly and it is completely your own decision when - and if - you purchase again after that initial month meaning- it is bank balance friendly! A lot of the products available are really good brands and are products you have maybe been curious about but didn't want to splash the cash on them in-case it wasn't up to the hype or agreed with you- it happens to us all, babe. They do have some full sized 'sample' products (such as make-up brushes) or more travel sized products, as well as their 5ml sized samples. However from a very close inspection by That Vain Gal here, there is no sh*tty, pea sized amount of product, plastic-y product sachets in sight we rejoice!

Here is my customised sample kit laid bare to you all! I have now had this kit for around a week and a half since filming the initial reaction video therefore ya gal has had some time to use and give reviews on some of these products- yayyy for filming in advance xo


Bed Head 'Small Talk Thickifer' - This cream is for us gals who were not blessed with luscious long, thick locks and instead got the leftover strands! I used this the night I opened the box as I was really buzzing, having heard glowing things about their hair care and now, I am cryin' for not trying them sooner!! W O W is all I gotta say about this product and the fact there is sooo much of it is even better. Basically, you do 1-3 pumps of the dispenser on to the palm of your hand and comb it through towel dried hair with your fingers making sure it covers both root (slightly) and body. You then dry your hair as 'normal' except, the results will not be anything like normal! Nah babe, these results will leave you looking like you just had a salon blow dry and your hair smells amazing, too. Such an amazing product if you're a fine haired gal like me- total 10/10

Goes well with: John Frieda Frizz Ease Deep Conditioner

Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Plumper - As a recent converter to the Clinique brand with their Moisture surge moisturiser as my main G, knowing the miracles it has done for my skin I was excited to try the eye serum of this range... even if it was inside packaging like a lip-gloss from the 90's! I have also been using this since the first night and I think it works.

I have experimented with it briefly for both day and night time use. This serum claims to be a bit of a 3 in 1 multi-use product (use it as a serum, under makeup or as a three minute eye mask!) I have tried it as a three minute mask and didn't feel like it benefited me. I have used it in the daytime and again, didn't really see any plump effect to my under eye area which was annoying however, when I apply it at night before bed, I do wake up looking more "awake" (than I definitely feel 0bvs xo) and my eyes do look brighter. I have yet to try it under makeup but personally I think it will be too greasy, like a slimy effect and that ain't so cute for concealer to go on top of yano? My recommendation would be to apply it before you brush your teeth, let it absorb in and then get your beauty sleep gal!

Goes well with: Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser (morning use)

A''Kin 'Hydrating Mist' Toner - Like the other two you have probably guessed, I used this the first night as well, duh! I have been searching for a toner that did not interact with my acne for ageees. I used to use the PIxi toner however, I feel like it started to make my spots worse? But with acne, you can't really take the chance to prove it and have to eliminate products as precaution. I'd say though, things leave your life to make room for better things to come (so hippy of me ik ik) and this is definitely one of those occasions gals!

Idk if it is just me okay, but I find the fact this is a spray mist so satisfying! Like regular toners, they mostly all involve cotton pads and effort but this you just mist over your face after cleansing and you're good to go! It doesn't feel like you have too much product on your face either which I am a huge fan of, it's nice and light - airy even - and feels really refreshing. Does it work? It's hard to say like, we are told to use toners but do any of us really see a huge difference? I will say though, whatever I am doing lately skincare wise it is really working and this has been included within that so maybe toners do help?? The jury might still be out, but so is this toner for my night time use!

Goes well with: Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Lotion

The 'Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme+' night Cream and the 'Vita Liberata Phenomenal' tan I have yet to try but I am as equally buzzing to, especially the tan! Although, since finding out this Estee Lauder cream retails at £77 *coughs, chokes dramatically* per pot, I don't know if I am even interested in trying it! Still not over the price tbh but get your giggles @ me discovering this in my video xo

Has any of you gals purchased this cream? Do you think it is over-priced? Did you choke as well at the thought of paying £77 for essentially a night time moisturiser?? Talk to a gal, this is beauty dramz!

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As always- Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & Stay Sampling, girl!

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