Feel Unique's New Beauty Sample Kit: The Review!

So, there is a whole new beauty 'thing' in town! We have long been presented with basic AF sachets of samples at checkouts and even subscription beauty boxes but now? We have the 'sample' beauty kit, brought to us by Feel Unique and personally? I think this is absolutely GENIUS and here below I am going to gift you all with the deets about this new edition to their website, as well as a real-time reaction review of the un-boxing of these goodies! So firstly, how does this game changer work?

If you have stumbled onto here from my YouTube channel then you can completely skip this part- you already know, gal! However for everyone else, let's keep this to a traditional and blogg-ish standard,

1) You can only choose FIVE samples and you need to be a member (sign up to their website) in order to make this kit.

2) You are only allowed to create ONE beauty kit box PER MONTH! So for example, I purchased this on the 12th Novemb