[Sports bra: ICIW | Leggings: My Protein UK]

Dear Diary,

Now, lockdown has obviously played havoc on what our ‘’normal ‘’ was and for me, that was the gym! Yes, I am one of ‘those’ people who, whenever they have free time, instead of just relaxing I head to the gym for an extra upper or lower body day. Bad mood? Go smash the weights, hun! Anxiety head on? Take the tension out with an upper body sesh, let it all go. Just want space? Go create some space in the free weights area! The gym – and weight training – is my sanctuary, my safe place, my routine and for me- my NORMAL. So, when that was taken away with this pandemic, I panicked ngl. Anyone who uses the gym to weight train, for weight loss or for mental health will know that having something impact your ability to go to the gym - or your safe place - is your worst nightmare and you fear you will lose all the progress that has taken hours in the gym to create- both within your body AND your mind. These gym bodies may look good, but they take months and even years to build, as does overcoming anxiety, depression etc through exercise! For others, being confined within a lockdown and the lack of normality, or even being able to go a walk without worries. Not to mention the easier all-day, all-inclusive stay inside our homes has left people wanting to do something about it- amazing! However for others, they don’t really know where to begin and that is completely OK! You are not alone and you can do this! Let me convince you how.