I Heart Revolution: The Review!

Do you not just love walking into ‘drugstores’ or beauty shops and seeing all the bright, colourful and eye-catching shelves? In today’s modern age, brands know the more eye catching the packaging of their product, the more it will appeal to us as consumers- and FML does it appeal alright! One brand in-particular is going above and beyond, delivering bold, colourful, eye-catching and good enough to eat packaging ALL on a budget! Who is this brand giving us major feels and delighting all of our vain b*tch senses? Well duh, it’s got to be I Heart Revolution hands down babe!

Therefore, I bring to you girls:

Have you been to your nearest Superdrug store lately in the UK? You can not walk pass this stand without stopping, staring and even licking your lips! This stand makes you HAAANGRY and I’m not talking just for a new make-up splurge, no siiir, I am talking actual hunger like we are talking pizza palettes, chocolate bar palettes, avocado, grapefruit and the list goes on! And if you thought the packaging was good enough to eat… they go and make their contour palette for example smell of freekin chocolate too!! When someone was cooing over me as a child saying “I could just eat you up” b*tch in 2020 you literally could?? I have make-up making me smell of chocolate, what a time to be alive huns.

I Heart Revolution is an extension of the Revolution/Make-up Revolution mini make-up empire. They have many spin-offs currently under their belt which also include; XX Revolution, Revolution Pro, Revolution Skincare and slightly shining away from having ‘revolution’ in the name- Make-up Obsession, too. They are absolutely taking over! And I for one am here for it. They are a brand as a whole known for delivering high quality or dupe products but on a budget (£5 eye-shadow palettes helloooo) and even better when their products in Superdrug often have a 3 for 2 deal running because, us gals love a barg don’t we? They really do cut down on price without having to sacrifice quality and are a perfect example of sometimes, high end isn’t always better. Across all their Instagram accounts they have a total following of over 3 million which is pretty craaay!

They may be known for their quality and purse friendly make-up, but they are just as equally known for their collaborations too. Having the amazing Soph, Rachel Leary and Lan Nguyen under their belt of contributors to name only a few! They really have their connections down and rightly so. They are definitely the brand to beat in 2020 and the brand any social media influencer or make-up artist wants to be noticed by!

I Heart Revolution delivers the’ most kitschy range I have ever seen! It’s undoubtedly their most fun spin-off, the one that doesn’t take itself too seriously and lets the creatives hold no limits to their imagination. Love a particular food? Can we make it into a make-up palette tho? Well, probably with this side of the brand! Now, we all know a more higher end brand – Too Faced – who sells chocolate bar and peach palettes that are also scented as such so when you have these retailing for over the £30 mark, and little I Heart Revolution over here claiming to have the same with their contour palette for example around the £6 mark, you bet you’re going to be sceptical AF.

SO, you can imagine my face when I opened that cute, dairy milk like packaging and instantly smelled the chocolate! But no, it does not end there, babe. Not only does this smell dreamy (even on your face when you apply it, ugh! Amazing!) it also is SO pigmented and has one of my now favourite highlighters inside it. I wet the brush as I do before applying all highlighters and oh my gawwwd, I was glowing x10 more than a gal in her second trimester! What. A. GLOW. I was honestly shook that they delivered on price, packaging, product and scent… how do they do it?

The products I have tried (so far lol xo) to review or recommend are:

Heart Breakers matte blush in ‘Brave’: I absolutely love this blush right now it is so build-able for day to night wear. ATM I am wearing it daytime , lightly dusted on my cheeks for the gym and at night times layin’ it on thick on top of my bronzer and/or contour- I can’t get enough of it! Such a good sized pan as well and like all their range, the packaging is way too cute and stands out in my make-up drawer. You can break hearts by purchasing yours here

Chocolate Bar Contour Palette in ‘Light’: As soon as I did a swatch of this when I got it, I instantly had to upload to my Instagram stories as I was totally gob-smacked of the shine off this highlighter! it is sooo pigmented and is a shiny glow rather than a glittery low-key glow, it looks like glass! This palette smells of chocolate I couldn’t believe it actually did and even when I apply it to my face, I can still smell the chocolate to the point my boyfriend once asked had I been eating chocolate (not this time hun, day off lol x). The ‘light’ palette I would say is suitable for make-up looks when you’re tanned and if you want it for paler skin I would 100% recommend going for the shade below this as the highlighter in light definitely has golden tones to it. The contour part of this palette I’m a bit hit and miss with. It is very pigmented and a little bit is a LOT so I am currently trying to find the balance of not getting too much onto my cheeks. It makes a great eye-shadow shade that I can vouch for! You can have your make-up smelling good enough to eat by purchasing yours here

‘Tasty Peach’ soft peach liquid lipstick: Okay so it was a bit darker than I expected it to be from looking at the packaging so I am currently using it as a mixer with a nude lippy to give the nude a more coloured tone with it and really loving it for that purpose. It was only £3 and I got it free with my 3 for 2 so I have zero complaints and it is a beautiful colour, maybe a more winter tone for me I’d say. You can get off your peach and purchase yours here

Pink Grapefruit Brightening Make-up Fixing Spray: This smells lovely! Is it the best fixing spray on the market? Definitely not. I mix my mixing sprays and I should probably give this time to shine on it’s own however, I have been using this to wet my face and my brushes to prep for highlighter application and have found it useful for this purpose. It does need a good few sprays to really wet the brush as opposed to MAC fix+ which only needs the one, but if it saves me wasting all my other setting sprays then I am cool with that as this bottle size is really great. When I spray it on before my Urban Decay All-nighter I would say however my make-up does look slightly brighter, maybe it does have an effect on my skin after all? I’ll continue monitoring this one for sure! You can purchase yours here

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So, what you really need to know- Is it lil miss fussy, that vain gal approved? Well, I confess I’m now fully converted to their brand so YES I am converted *make-up angels sing*! Every time I am in Superdrug (which is way more than I care to admit btw lol xo) I always seem to find myself at their counter and picking up more products, how did that happen? Due to loving this brand and their products so much, it’s why I decided to add a few of their bright and colourful products into my giveaway- can you blame me when it’s just that good? I hope the winner enjoys the products and falls in love with them just as much as this vain gal did- and I fell prettyyy deep tbh. Currently seeing where it goes x

So gals, this is my new vanity obsession that's having a bit of a minute in my make=up bag. Do you like this spin-off to the make-up revolution ‘quality make-up on a budget' franchise? Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this fun spin-off below. Any products you recommend for me to try? Comment and tell us, let's all get our glow on together!

As always my dollies- Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & put some meaning to you are what you eat!