Lock-down looks: because you want to look good, fighting over the last loaf of bread 👀 ...

Dear Diary,

Lock-down has given me way too much time on my hands that I actually think I’m off Ru Paul’s Drag Race with my new eye for detail and fashion. From wanting to try out new styles, take risks and also re-work the clothes I already have (which is way more than I will ever care to admit thank u very much xo).

I always have loved fashion and like previous posts, have been completely transparent about online shopping! However, with lock-down, we ain’t gonna be putting on our skintight PU leggings with a boobs out crop top- so what do we do in these, fashion conscious times? – We re-work what we got and ACCESSORISE. Accessories really do transform casual outfits you already have such as a jacket, blazer, statement jewellery, sunglasses, handbag, cardigan- anything that just screams “go get ‘em gurl” is your friend here!

In this video I have put together the basic AF side of my wardrobe… with a fashion credentials twist. I wanted to show you just a standard outfit firstly, and then the finished look when the accessory of choice is added on. As you will see from the video, the accessory differs from each look and are all very simple, affordable and so so effective!

In my YouTube bio I have named where I got each item from. Some are older so may now be unavailable however, online shopping’s limits are… well, there are none! The choices/selection is endless so I’m certain if you like a look you will find something extremely similar online (hopefully with a cheeky wee promotional deal on the go).

I hope you enjoy this video! It’s my first proper ‘Vanity Fashion’ one and ngl, the posing was pretty therapeutic. Fashion is a huge part of vanity as we all one way or another aim to please, fit