Been beating yourself up you haven't been keeping fit? Not been taking advantage of your daily exercise because you were binge watching a Netflix series or looking after your kids? Been comfort eating or late night snacking due to out of routine sleeping? We feel you! This is why we are dubbing this our "LOCKDOWN BODY" because tbh, it's kind of out-width our control, we are only human.

[Lockdown date night!]

Dear Diary,

We have been in lockdown for quite a bit now and a lot of us are suffering in various ways. Financially, mentally, emotionally. Being separated from family, friends. However, since this is a vanity blog, we ain’t gonna go too deep okay! Now, within lockdown's not so kinky restraints; us gals have either went in 2 directions- weight loss or weight gain! Now people who know me and come to me for gym advice due to my gym bunny status, will be quite surprised to hear- I’m the latter!

Yes, your gal here has gained around 5lbs during lockdown and ain’t feeling so cute about it rn. I have a bad habit - as I am sure many girls do - of obsessing about these changes (why do we own so many mirrors?? We can’t avoid this stuff!) we panic, we over-analyse our image in the mirror, we compare against much body better times, we ask for our friends and fam’s opinion, but in a way that’s like “plz tell me I don’t look what the scales say” and if they say otherwise we’re like “aye ok Susan who asked you” even though we asked for their honest opinion- we just don’t want to hear it!