How do we keep up the sass if lockdown is telling us to stay in and seated on our a** ...

Dear Diary,

Lockdown this, lockdown that, there is literally no avoiding lockdown news atm. Us girls will also be all too aware of this current pandemic simply by looking at our own reflection.

“Is that another grey hair 👵?” “Alexa, how much hair is normal for brows to grow in 2 weeks? 😗” “Week 4 of lockdown and I reckon I’m a direct descendant of a werewolf clan 🌚” “Nails without Swarovski’s is just a whole other type of pandemic tbh 😅”

We are pretty much feeling this pandemic hard, even if we have managed to avoid Corona in itself but tragically, it’s coming at the cost of grey hairs and bushy brows. However, does it have to be this way? Or can we still look like a bitta’ us without going full blown Pat Butcher? – We can definitely still be feeling ourselves during this and this blog, folks, is gonna give you the inspo to do just that 💅!

It may be low key beauty hacks, low key make-up but there ain’t nothing low key about the “feeling myself” vibes after! These hacks/tips are my go-to for when I want to feel a bit more put together going to the gym or for when I don’t want to be seen in my natural form strolling around Tesco and now, I’m using them to look snatch-ural during lockdown. Now, I know more than anyone right now gals, trying to find the motivation to shower in itself can be hard “well, nobodys going to be smelling me anyway” and if they do then they are clearly too much into your 2 meters distance space am’a right 💁?? And do not even get me started on confessing when I last shaved my legs… like it’s not like I’m getting them out in public anytime soon is it? And thankfully nobody viewing my snap story’s seems to have 20/20 vision to have spotted my hairy wee limbs.

This video will hopefully inspire you to feel sassy, semi classy whilst guaranteed to still be sitting on your assy for the near future! I filmed this for a big day… before my essential shop! It’s a whole new kind of “I am getting old” when that is fast becoming the highlight of your week. Now I’m just a gal who loves all things vanity so bare with