Dear Diary,

So hiya diary, bet you thought you had seen the last of me when I was 11 and thought the world hated me, eh? Well i am back and sharing you with the people! Because if I am benefiting from typing it, then people will benefit from reading it and that is all we can want from life really.

This blog I have designed has been completely thought out with the audience in mind. I want any subscribers or followers to feel completely connected, secure and a sense of community. I don’t want to just post a blog and not connect with others, otherwise you really would just be writing a diary and how silly does that sound? ...

This blog site brings all things vanity which, isn’t always pretty. It covers: ~ Vanity confessions ~ Memes ~ Beauty videos ~ Chatty videos w/ blog for relatable and important matters ~ Fitness tips & workouts ~ Tips/tricks and beauty hacks ~ Tips for common problems (acne, psoriasis etc) ~ Personal reviews on products ~ How to dress for your shape/look amazing! ~ Mental health side of vanity and its effects ~ Self-love ~ Venting, lots of venting! ~ Guaranteed laughs and smiles! Sounds good, right 👀? I don’t want to ‘just’ blog or ‘just’ do videos... I want to combine the best of both to give a different experience. Words are just words but if you see me practising what I am preaching – and see me preaching in general – then it gives a more “real” and valuable approach. There will be blogs that stand tall on their own but any videos filmed will have an accompanying blog however big or small, just to make it more tailored to everyone’s tastes! I just want to interact fully with viewers/readers as much as I possibly can 😔.

So hun, on that note, I hope anyone reading this or visiting my page or watching my YouTube videos smiles or laughs at least once because it is all about appealing to your vain side... even if you are a low-key, un-confessed vain b*tch 😏✌!

Regular & strong content: PENDING ◽◾◽.

Much Love, XOXO

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