Getting Your Hair Did In A Global Pandemic!

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Dear Diary,

This pandemic has shown us many things, but one thing that’s standing out in more ways than one- we are all going grey and nobody is a natural blonde anymore! Without my usual blonde balayage as dramatic as it sounds, I felt like I was lost and was a shell of my former, sassy self so when I heard hairdressers were re-opening with 3 weeks to spare until my birthday? You bet I booked right in and gave then my x-factor worthy sob story to make sure it was before the 4th of August! Like, I hadn’t had my hair coloured since January and was also booked in for March but yano, lockdown happened and all, so my hair was a full on neglect case and my rug is now forever stained with root conceal spray, it was a cute rug whilst she lasted.

Anyway, dramatics aside lol (although was totally true tho), I got booked in the week after they re-opened and as you can imagine I was proper buzzing… but also felt extremely nervous, too. What was a hairdresser’s going to be like post-lockdown? Would I feel comfortable? How would I feel wearing a mask for 3+ hours? Would I be safe? I did have a lot of anxiety before my appointment even though I had a slight idea of what to expect at Ola Hair due to them kindly uploading photos of inside the salon to show people what to expect (great idea ladies!)

Now, I have been attending Ola’s for little over a year now and my hairdresser Christy is like the queen of a balayage! Also, she puts up with my moans and freaking out about my blonde so she’s a keeper xo. They really did go all out with their return through social media promotion and how they corona-proofed the salon itself to ease people into the new normal. However, here I present to you- What to expect from a salon in a pandemic: The vain b*tch edition. Bringing you my honest opinion and my tips for being salon ready!

[Salon Featured: Ola Hair- Greenock]