Brb babe, achieving my goals | P.Louise "Imma Goal Getter" Diary: The Review!

Now, if you follow any brand on the 'gram, it's highly likely, infact, extremely likely, you will see all their paid ads/boosted content- more so if you're always scrolling on your feed babe 👀! As a follower of the P.Louise make-up Instagram account, I was seeing this pop up a fair bit and being a huge lover of all things organisation (would I rather a well organised house or sex? I'll leave that question here...) I was beyond intrigued. When I looked on the website though and seen they were selling a freekin diary for 42 quid, me and my IKEA PAX system storage nearly bloody choked! 42 quid... for a diary?? What would possess me to ever spend that muuuu...

YUP. Here we are. Look where I have ended up. Yet again.

In my defence okay, the photos really spoke to me (Tactic 'you've abused your credit card and are trying to justify your spending 0.1 much?) they weren't looking like your average diary at all from the pictures. This was pitched as a career and life BIBLE- P.Louise as a religion? I can get on board with that tbf. The description on their website says: