Brb babe, achieving my goals | P.Louise "Imma Goal Getter" Diary: The Review!

Now, if you follow any brand on the 'gram, it's highly likely, infact, extremely likely, you will see all their paid ads/boosted content- more so if you're always scrolling on your feed babe 👀! As a follower of the P.Louise make-up Instagram account, I was seeing this pop up a fair bit and being a huge lover of all things organisation (would I rather a well organised house or sex? I'll leave that question here...) I was beyond intrigued. When I looked on the website though and seen they were selling a freekin diary for 42 quid, me and my IKEA PAX system storage nearly bloody choked! 42 quid... for a diary?? What would possess me to ever spend that muuuu...

YUP. Here we are. Look where I have ended up. Yet again.

In my defence okay, the photos really spoke to me (Tactic 'you've abused your credit card and are trying to justify your spending 0.1 much?) they weren't looking like your average diary at all from the pictures. This was pitched as a career and life BIBLE- P.Louise as a religion? I can get on board with that tbf. The description on their website says:

"Did someone say the goal-getter bible?
Bringing you the most incredible journal you have seen on the market, this is not your average daily planner babe but a guide to take you all the way to destination success."

So now I've purchased said (hey, they said it ok) bible, I guess i'm now a worshipper and my whole year is now in this diaries hands... seems legit. How can a diary actually help me reach my goals though?

Like, "Hey bro I just scheduled my day" , "oh my god bro your life is sorted, you're a success!"

It's gonna take a little more than that to not only be something I am passionate about, but as something I can even justify buying at all! SO, do I have buyers regret? Or was this a blessing in pink, girly packaged disguise? ...









Welcome, babe- To the REVIEW!

(And if you have been here before you know I don't do reviews by half measures, hun)



This is honestly the kind of thing I have been after for a very long time, probably my whole OCD years! (legit diagnosis FYI, don't hate) So I've had this diary for around 2 weeks now as I didn't want to peak too soon, a gal needed to know if this was the real deal and something to recommend to you all!

Upon first impressions- boyyy is this thing heavy! It's probably bigger than an actual bible not even joking! It is so pretty and you know it's going to be a statement piece in your workspace and you'll probably feel inspired to dress the surrounding items to match it (yuuup, just like I did okay xo) it weirdly made me love a touch of pink again! I've now started adding touches of pink to my vanity room... is this the diary already working and inspiring me?? Works fast gals,

Whoever designed this and put it together from the colours, drawings, text fonts, paper, material etc etc deserves an award like this is FAULTLESS. It has been so well thought out and must have been a long process to make and it certainly paid off! Not only is it eye catching and visually appeasing but the attention to detail is just another level like, ugh i'm not worthy!

The first part of the book has these amazing glossy pages and it just screams luxury to the point you will feel instantly that the 42 quid you spent on it? It was a barg. That's how luxurious it is that the spend feels like a total bargain for the price. The pages when closed have a slight ombre effect to them and again, all these little details are just so perfect and thought out that it isn't even human! I thought I was pretty creative but this books taking me back to school, babe and I am HERE.FOR.IT!

Opening this serial planner if you love the little details like this vain gal does, you will continue to be blown away by it! The pages are filled with details and they're actually helpful. This isn't just a book spitting random facts or cute wee quotes it is filled with advice, self-help guides. It's about digging deep. It's about actually THINKING like properly thinking about your future- and not just your immediate one! No sirrr, this book asks you to plan not just where you want to be in 12 months but in 3 years and 5 years, too! It's time to get real I suppose if we wanna achieve our goals. It has goal setting categories for; Health, Wealth, Career, Family, Relationships & Self-Love. Each category has a page of writing telling you of why this is important and just talking sense about the subject, it's like brain yoga- feel good vibes! This organiser breathes nothing but positivity and I can not wait to be under it's spell.

Like sex for the eyes isn't it?!

As you go through the bible your next starter pages are very career-orientated. If you are serious about your goals, about succeeding, now is the time to think about how you're going to achieve them- BUT WHERE DO I BEGIN?? Well babe, this book tells you exactly how to do just that, it's like it is holding your hand through your visions and guiding you! It's also making - and helping - you ask some serious and important questions about your life and your answers? Will forever be stored here to reflect on throughout the year and thereafter! One section that really caught my attention in particular is "Know Your Lane"

I would never have even thought about this and I can't be alone. This concept and it's inclusion in this book is incredible! As you can see, it gives you questions to answer and as this is YOUR diary babe, you are free to be completely honest with yourself. The questions feel pretty deep as well it's like a "get to know Lauren" experience yet i'm the only guest! The pages that follow are all about business, becoming irreplaceable in your career, a timeline of success, the law of attraction, manifestation (and how it works) before you start your official daily diary! They are really detailed questions as well and they also help you think about your finances, too. For example; how much do you plan to save this year? What is each month looking like? The diary says to note down "sensational seasons" and "predictable bad months" to help you be realistic. In this, a predicted bad month could be a month you have a holiday or birthdays that you know are going to have an impact on your finances and it's all about being prepped for such and thinking of ways you will overcome this without falling on your...!

After seriously re-valuating your whole life and career for the better (so put the gin down, gals!) you're ready to begin the month yasss! At the start of each month you fill out 2 pages as well. It's aimed at, not only planning your days, but going into the month with your eyes completely wide open. You'll plan, write down how much you aim to save, who and what you're grateful for (see- total yoga vibes!) and your motivation for the month ahead, too. It's like having a career adviser but she sits on your desk and doesn't judge you... or talk for that matter!

The daily planner in itself is amazing and very attractive if you are someone who likes keeping organised and better yet- ticking off lists! Each day you start off with a positive thought before writing out your intentions (now singing the biebs, FFS) for the day. You write out your priority's and you get a wee list for the day (it cutely notes how yourself should always be at the top of that list awww!) You have a section titled "grow ideas" if you've thought of anything that day as well as writing down your daily schedule and, if you're as precise as I am, you can highlight the tasks in your schedule once you have done them (with a pink highlighter ofc, since we're extra xo) Every Sunday you have reflective pages where you write about how the week was, any highlights, anything that could have been better etc etc, so this organiser/diary/bible is all about learning and encouraging you to be more self-reflective and most importantly HONEST! We have to be reflective and honest with ourselves if we want to progress through life and this book helps with that so much.

Don't get me wrong, I am not super strict with this daily planner- we are in lockdown after all! I don't want to just be writing down a random schedule for the sake of it because realistically there isn't much to be done and mostly if there is then there is no time limit on it. I always fill out my to do list, what i'm grateful for and my manifestations though as I feel they're really important and at first, it is weird to "practice" especially if manifestation isn't something you do often if at all. It can feel really strange but eventually it will become a way of life and your mental health might just benefit from it if not other/al aspects of your life as well!

Believe & you shall achieve, babe x

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So that's it! My review and dissection of the P.Louise "Imma Goal Getter" diary. I hope you read this and fall in love with it because I honestly think this could change lives and cheer you up as well in the current state of the world. If you loved this review remember to heart it and leave a comment if you're off to purchase it or just loved this review in general- I wanna know!

As always- Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & Stay Organised AF, because you got this my gal!