My Pre-Gym Routine As Requested!

On Instagram recently I asked would anyone like to see my pre-gym routine and everyone who voted said yes so, ofc I am going to deliver it! Now, I am no PT nor even qualified in any kind of fitness HOWEVER, I have been training now for around 4.5 years and have second-hand knowledge about gym stuff. Now remember, this is just a normal gal's gym tips and you should not take any supplements recommended or shown in this blog/video without seeking advice or properly reading the description before you buy- Safety first, huns!

My Gym Routine: Background Info!

Currently, I weight/strength train around 4x per week. Typically, I do a Les Mills double workout on a Monday (their on demand service is UNREAL for home workouts like it's crazy good for motivation and upping your fitness levels in familiar surroundings I highly recommend this they offer so so much!) I do 30mins of body combat and 30mins of body pump straight after, I looooove a wee mix of cardio and strength/toning every Monday to start my week right!

Tuesday: Shoulders & chest (gym based workout)

Wednesday & Thursday: Depending on how i'm feeling (DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) I will alternate which one of these is my rest day because they are extremely important in any workout schedule! Whatever day I do workout on out of the two, I usually do a back and biceps day with a bit of triceps thrown in because, why not eh?

Friday: Leg day babyyy! All about that 🍑 in time for the weekend ya feel me? So we get those squat variations in, the hip thrusts in and all those booty band pumper exercises- we love a Friday. Somehow, half dying of DOMS every time, I still manage to fake-tan that (at this point, extremely sore) arse of mines every week- The dedication.

Products I mention in this video and links!

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ENJOY MY FIRST FITNESS CONTENT VIDEO! and remember to give it a thumbs up over on YouTube. I was honestly shitting it filming this for you all because it's something I am really passionate about but I was freaking out about doing it justice and worrying I was chatting utter rubbish... even though I was just giving you my own tips! Sorry if i come about the nervous eye twitch idk what was going on guys hahaha i'm not weird, I pinky swear x