Self-Love Series: Part One | Vanity & Self-Esteem

Now, since the beginning I have wanted to cover self-love, self-care, self-acceptance and a lot of different things on overcoming some pretty shit things in your life. I went back and fourth on whether this was a "That Vain Gal" kinda blog or for my other - Lashes Lipstick & Living - kind of blog but after a lot of deliberation I decided that seeing as this is covering sassy areas, is a self-help and kicking your ass kind of blog series, then it probably does fit here after all! This blog series is all about how to love yourself, how to love the skin you are in, how to believe in yourself, how to build - or re-build - your self esteem and most importantly? How to just own your life and be a boss bitch! Who knows, going over all my own tips may just help me, too?


Now I am fully aware some may have read my new extension of this blog "Lipstick, Lashes & Living" and be thinking 'hun, you can't be preaching how to love yourself when you're an anxious wreck' and tbf, totaaally get that view BUT, anxiety does not define me and the 'me' I present on social media and in these blogs is the me my close friends and those closest to me in general see (maybeee a tiny bit more sassy tho xo) and also, it's just me when I am at my 'best' but this is me- they both are.

Yes, life is shit right now but what's new? Yes I feel every bit of my most recent mental health post but there is an important line in that about feeling 'confident but it is met with wariness'- some days. I still went through