Smooth Hair, Don't Care | Hair-Care & Skin-Care Blog Feature

Dear Diary,

So, I am finally taking some time to pamper my dry AF hair and my dull skin because, let’s face it. Us girls spend so much investing in new make-up, new clothes (which we don’t think twice about purchasing) and we often forget to invest in good skincare and hair-care and that ain’t okay, bro. I often spend those newly dubbed “Self-care Sundays” on the couch, eating waaay too much food and being generally needy AF if I have had a few gins the night before yano? But NO MORE!

I decided to path the way for my vanity qweeens- other hair and skin neglectees like myself, and help by presenting a fool-proof way to pamper yourselves! Got little time? Kids driving you up the wall? Perhaps it’s not your kids it’s your boyfriend? Or maybe you’re taking that zoom call drinking with your pals to excess on a Saturday night (I know a few!) then this wee routine can easily fit into all kinds of situations/lifestyles!

From a 10 min hair mask, 10-15 min under eye mask, some good quality moisturiser, some vibrant nail polish and sheer banter if you watch the video! Ever heard of the ‘Charlotte tap’? well, you better get watching to find out just what this is and how I feel like a scene out of Jane The Virgin doing it! (Side note- If you have never watched this, please take yourself to Netflix and meet Jane, thank u and thank me later too, it’s nail biting though so don’t bite off that pretty new polish xo)

I hope you enjoy this chatty get ready w/ me skincare and hair-care routine below! Let me know what you think of the video and the products mentioned and if you already use them. Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & Stay Smoooth AF in both skin and hair, huns!