The Traffic Light System | How YOU Can Achieve All Your Goals- Stress Free!

You're probably thinking... wt actual f is a traffic light system?? Well honey, after this blog you'll be asking yourself instead "when do I start my own?!" I guarantee you! Like, would I lie??

I finally fled the nest on December 21st (click here for a brief moving out chat and q&a on this!) and let me tell you for an absolute fact- December and house moving? Yeah, they are NOT friends. What, with it being the busiest, most hectic time of the year naturally but throw in a wee (well, massive) freekin' global pandemic and you have yourself some issues. Money is tight, all your joiners, handymen, electricians etc are literally jam packed with bookings because for a financially broken time of year, it seems to be the time everyone wants someone to fit their bloody laminate and drill holes in their walls!! Arghhh.

Ok, we chill, we chill and do yano why? Because ya gal here made herself a traffic light system to take away the stress financially for her big move. Can I just say, my 'ol OCD (legit diagnosis FYI don't @ me x) and hunger for orgasmic organisational methods and lustful lists inspired this. I actually legit have never seen one anywhere online to inspire this so if this does exist- Hi whoever you are with the same ideas, aren't we just fab?

You're in for a treat beauts as I am not only showing you my own traffic light list, explaining its purpose and showing you how you too, can get the most out of your own- nopeee, I am photographing for you, the OG list- rips, ticks and all! Yes! I have kept it because I knew I would write about it someday... I mean, it's 3 months on but we here, ok?


So when I was moving out, my tendency for "I needed this like YESTERDAY" was always going to bite me on the arse (who can relate??) so I knew I needed reinforcements ASAP. When sitting one night at like 4am when I'm weirdly at my most creative, I was writing down all the things I would need for each room and started thinking about what I needed to prioritise and what could I wait for (lolll, try to wait for*) so I decided to section them into the following "traffic lights" -

GREEN- essential, these were the items I could not have a home without. Items such as cooking appliances, fridge freezer, bed, couch, TV, wardrobes, cutlery, bathroom towels etc.

AMBER- essential but not dependant. So things like lamps, rugs, decor, storage etc. They were all things I very much found necessary however, were not a immediate priority and should come second to the green section.

RED- girl, stop. This section is for stuff that was not essential and maybe not even necessary BUT, were things I absolutely wanted but perhaps should wait a minute for.


So, you may read the system and think "why even include a red?" because you should write down absolutely every damn thing you want, babe! Do not leave anything out, even the small stuff like cute frames or candles- include it all. This list is all the stuff you vision having in your home, its just some have to take priority over the rest more so if, like me, you were on a tight budget. The amber and red are your visions and more than likely, the items for you that will make the house a home but, you pair it off against a cooker for example and it has to take a backseat until you can afford. It's all about assessing your priorities, really. Maybe you want candles over a kettle?! Completely your own priorities, babe.

I also went a step further (usual) and helped myself by writing down where I would most likely be able to source these items. So places like Amazon, eBay. Ikea, B&M, The Range. If I had a few places in mind to see where I could get the best deals from, i'd write down a few places! It hands down takes away the stress of furniture and appliance shopping. Here is my OG list below!

FYI- This list doesn't even have to be just for moving out. You can apply it anywhere in your life for when you know you are going to need a lot of things and they are more than your budget can take. It may be that you are re-decorating a room, doing crafts, making music, creating/starting a business etc and it would still work extremely well for this, too. Also, to demonstrate thee perfect example of it's many uses, you could even use it at Christmas for present shopping to budget better! GOALS.

When going around the shops like the sado I am - and completely embrace btw - I had my list in one hand and a pen ready to tick shit off in the other! I was so serious about it and was a gal on a mission... a mission to not be vibing with her overdraft by the end of this shopping trip of course x

Maybe it's my OCD or the immense fear of debt and not getting my dream wardrobe because all my money went on buying lanterns and 100 plants from The Range, but I really did stick to this list and found it quite therapeutic... I felt all adult! Even That Vain Gal has got to grow up at some point I guess folks!

Maybe I slipped up on a few occasions and prioritised red items- I'm human! But I really did stick to the list. Sure, I was still poor AF for like 2 months but I didn't ever once have buyers regret and if there is anything you all should have learned about me by now especially if you are subscribed to me on YouTube is I'm very passionate about buyers regret and avoiding it at all costs when possible.

There are definitely no maybes though on how much of a godsend this list could be for all of you babes though- it literally is EVERYTHING!


Well babe, thats all I have to preach about for today. I hope you enjoyed this wee blog. It's kinda different from my usual vibe but I want to include more h0me-y/lifestyle here in my blog feed this year cause I am quite into interiors etc and budgeting. Remember though, heart ❤️ this blog for moral so I know if I should do more!

Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & Stay cool at those red lights- you can resist!