The Traffic Light System | How YOU Can Achieve All Your Goals- Stress Free!

You're probably thinking... wt actual f is a traffic light system?? Well honey, after this blog you'll be asking yourself instead "when do I start my own?!" I guarantee you! Like, would I lie??

I finally fled the nest on December 21st (click here for a brief moving out chat and q&a on this!) and let me tell you for an absolute fact- December and house moving? Yeah, they are NOT friends. What, with it being the busiest, most hectic time of the year naturally but throw in a wee (well, massive) freekin' global pandemic and you have yourself some issues. Money is tight, all your joiners, handymen, electricians etc are literally jam packed with bookings because for a financially broken time of year, it seems to be the time everyone wants someone to fit their bloody laminate and drill holes in their walls!! Arghhh.

Ok, we chill, we chill and do yano why? Because ya gal here made herself a traffic light system to take away the stress financially for her big move. Can I just say, my 'ol OCD (legit diagnosis FYI don't @ me x) and hunger for orgasmic organisational methods and lustful lists inspired this. I actually legit have never seen one anywhere online to inspire this so if this does exist- Hi whoever you are with the same ideas, aren't we just fab?