That Vain Gal's: Christmas Present List! | For HER & For HIM

This December has been well, to put it frankly, really shit. We have no Christmas markets to put us in the mood nor any Christmas parties/nights out. We are all hanging on to that festive cheer by a thread and to add to it- England went into a month long lockdown, then into tier systems, closely followed by central Scotland going into a 3 week lockdown with our tiers being even stricter- where do we find time, or even the permission to shop?? Well, unless you live in a town that has everything, in Scotland you aren't really supposed to travel out-width your local council area unless essential throwing Christmas shopping into absolute chaos!

However, that's where I come in to save the day! Whilst we are so very lucky to have many online shops at a click of a button it can be really hard to find that gifting 'inspo' because usually we get that from shopping in-store and seeing items infront of us, right? Therefore I have put together not only my ultimate "you can't go wrong!" wish list for guys buying for girls, or girls buying for others girls BUT- I have also teamed up with my boyfriend to make a guys version of this list to help you struggling gals out there as I am sure there are many of you!