That Vain Gal's: Christmas Present List! | For HER & For HIM

This December has been well, to put it frankly, really shit. We have no Christmas markets to put us in the mood nor any Christmas parties/nights out. We are all hanging on to that festive cheer by a thread and to add to it- England went into a month long lockdown, then into tier systems, closely followed by central Scotland going into a 3 week lockdown with our tiers being even stricter- where do we find time, or even the permission to shop?? Well, unless you live in a town that has everything, in Scotland you aren't really supposed to travel out-width your local council area unless essential throwing Christmas shopping into absolute chaos!

However, that's where I come in to save the day! Whilst we are so very lucky to have many online shops at a click of a button it can be really hard to find that gifting 'inspo' because usually we get that from shopping in-store and seeing items infront of us, right? Therefore I have put together not only my ultimate "you can't go wrong!" wish list for guys buying for girls, or girls buying for others girls BUT- I have also teamed up with my boyfriend to make a guys version of this list to help you struggling gals out there as I am sure there are many of you!

So on that note, shall we start with the guys one first so you girls can get on with your shopping already? Here we go, babe!

Remember, for links to the products just click the image of the product and it will take you directly to it for quicker, fuss free shopping x


£51 (

A lot of guys would probably argue that this is a total classic and high contender for male aftershaves and as a gal that has smelled it on a guy once or twice- I AGREE! If you want that special lad in your life to be happy - and you want your nose to be even happier - then this is the aftershave for both of you! Boots retail this at £57 full price however at the time of writing you were saving £6, any saving is better than none at this time of year, right babe? The best part about their online website is you can get it delivered to your local Boots UK store for collection within 1-2 working days FREE of charge, completely taking the stress out of those last minute purchases.

This aftershave does come with a That Vain Gal warning though of occasional and random needs to jump on him if he is wearing this gals!


£49.99 (

This item will save you a total of £30.99!! What a steal. We all know what guys are like when it comes to speakers and sound systems gals, making this the kind of gift you can not go wrong with for the type of guy that likes blasting his music at any giving opportunity or who likes his toys. Perks of this gift is that you can steal it as well the next time you're getting ready for a night out so it's a win- win really!


£55 (

This watch retails at £139 full price making it the perfect Christmas saving when you can currently pick it up for £55!! You know That Vain Gal loves a barg. My boyfriend actually has a Fossil watch and has had it for around 3 years now and it still is in amazing condition with everyday wear. He has only had to change the battery once in that 3 years (easy to sort out at a local Timpsons FYI) and has had a lot of compliments on it. Every guy needs a watch and unless his is a rolex, then you can not go wrong with this gift at all- definitely not with that steal of a price.

This will definitely earn you some thoughtful points as like how a girl feels naked without her handbag or earrings... a guy feels naked without his ultimate accessory: the watch.


£55 (

Just like a guy can not be without his aftershave and his watch, he also can not be without his wallet! This may be on the slightly pricier side of gifting but with it being leather, is a luxury item and a great gift for all men in your life. This comes in a gift box to accompany it making it made for gifting. You definitely will not go wrong with this gift! Whether it be for your boyfriend, brother or dad- you will be their favourite person after this!


Now I have not linked anything specific here due to this being unlimited for gifts. I have been using Boohoo Man for my boyfriend, his brother, even myself! For gifts. Now us gals will be all too familiar with the OG Boohoo and all it has to offer at amazing prices- the guys section is no different. From hoodies, tees, jeans to even boxers! I can guarentee that as long as you know their style and their size, what you choose will go down amazingly. I have bought jeans, shirts, tshirts, hoodies and jackets as presents on here and they are all amazing.

Top Tip: I would say the man section is actually better quality than the woman's section! So, treat yourself to a new hoodie whilst your at it gals. Also, Boohoo Man always do discounts at around 30-40% off. extra student discount and also NDD so make sure you get the best discount you can.


£23 (look fantastic)

I picked this up myself recently and why have I not purchased these products sooner?? The most perfect present for that girly girl or dare I say... for treating yo' self! In this travel kit *they are both MINI products* you get Becca's Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter Passion which, as the name suggests, is a liquid highlighter that can be worn on it's own or paired with Opal for a blinding highlight that can not even be legal! These products are sooo blinding. This on it's own gives a shiny glow and has a nice fragrance to it. The other item in the package you probably guessed it, is the cult Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Opal. I am sure every gal has heard of this highlight or owns this highlight and so long as who you are gifting this too doesn't already own it full sized, they no doubt will have heard of it!

Ngl, when you see this on the girl you purchased this for you're going to hate yourself for not picking one up, too it is seriously THAT good!


£35 (

Every girl needs a statement bag, right? This is the bag that sells out every time there is a restock it is that in demand! Why? Well it's like a designer dupe isn't it? Not only that but it is a 3 in 1 bag allowing for unlimited play time wearing this! It is initially a cross-body bag you have probably seen the designer versions being worn by your favourite influencers. You take off the purse attachment and you have a well, purse! Once this is off though you can also wear this as a shoulder bag. Then as if this bag wasn't already amazing you can go even further and remove the River Island branded strap and you have a clutch bag! Serious points for this trendy piece and this vain gal can not recommend it highly enough.


£22 (

This is such a cute concept and so ideal for gifting pj's! I am a huge fan of Boux Avenue's pj's as they are of such a high quality and always very true to size. Never heard of them? You can find my full review on it here. At checkout you can actually choose to have this gift wrapped and it arrives in the most visually appeasing and beautiful box. If you are a guy buying for his girl you will win so many points due to the high-end feel packaging alone... as well as taking some of the gift wrapping stress away for yourselves!

Top Tip: If you are a student or know a student you can save some pennies on this purchase as well!


£23.40 (

This was £39.99 at full price (I would know, I purchased it at full price and now I am legit cryin' xo) you are now saving a huuuge 40% now buying this as a gift! I love Beauty Bay's own brand brushes and this little book the brushes come in (you zip the brushes up inside then open it when wishing to use them and they build up as a stand- very MUA life!) any girl would be happy with this gift as it is a full face set! Highly recommend this and at the new, discounted price? It's an absolute BARG.


I absolutely love Zara's perfumes and their men's aftershave ranges I think they are so overlooked for brands and you could save yourself a fortune! My favourite was their 'Wonder Rose' limited edition perfume however, any of their perfumes would make the perfect gift! It might not be Dior and have minimalist branding but the scent is anything but minimal.

Well babe, that is That Vain Gal's Christmas wish list's for HER and for HIM! I hope this helps all my fellow stressed out shoppers and gives you some - probably much needed - inspo. If this helped with your gifting please leave a little comment below so I know I have helped!

Happy Gifting/Treating Yo' Self x

As always- Stay Safe, Stay Sassy & Stay Smart with your Christmas shopping! x

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